Saturday, November 20, 2010

And the UN-JUSTICE continues ...

Wonko is thinking that he might need to start up a special blog, just to cover the ludicrous, irresponsible and down-right appalling decisions made by Australia's so-called 'Justice System'.

Here are a few new examples of why our justice system needs to be totally overhauled and made more accountable:

Killer driver walks free.
A KILLER driver on parole for the culpable driving death of 16-year-old Tamika Moyle walked free after facing court yesterday on new driving charges.

Michael James Chambers, 23, of Cloverdale Court, Corio, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates' Court to driving while disqualified, driving an unregistered motorbike and not wearing a helmet.

He received one month's jail suspended for two years and a $500 fine.

Chambers outraged Geelong in 2005 when, drunk and stoned, he smashed his unregistered car into a pole at high speed on La Trobe Tce.

Ms Moyle was fatally injured in the crash and another female passenger was seriously hurt.

Chambers, who has priors for recklessly causing injury, unlicensed driving, speeding and carrying a prohibited weapon, pleaded guilty in 2006 to culpable driving and recklessly causing serious injury.
How many people have to die before our legal system takes these things seriously?

Increased Prison Sentence for Serious Repeat Offender Machete Attack Not Warranted
"Your prospects of rehabilitation at the present time do not appear to be all that good," Judge Tilmouth said.

"The escalating nature of the violence you are prepared to inflect on innocent citizens by using dangerous weapons, has grown to a point that it is appropriate to declare that you are a serious repeat offender."

But, Judge Tilmouth said he was "far from satisfied" an increased prison term was justified to protect the community from Saunders.

Instead, he said Saunders would be subject to strict conditions while on parole.

Jude Tilmouth described the NorMetals attack as "brutal, callous, violent and unnecessary".

He said the men had feared for their lives, suffered painful and serious injuries.

Saunders had threatened he would "chop" the head off one of the men.

Perhaps is Judge Tilmouth's son had been one of those sliced open by a machete, things would have been different.

Road Rage Killer's Sentence CUT
"While this was a very bad example of the offence ... it did not have those additional features such as evasion of the police, disregard of a police direction, or considered persistence in highly dangerous driving over a long period and distance, which would have put this into the worst category of dangerous driving or criminal negligence," Justice Hugh Fraser said.
I would have thought that running away from the police was a negligible crime compared with killing someone. Road rage is not some freak accident or even being out of control through drink or drugs. It is out of control because of anger - how much worst does Justice Hugh Fraser think it can get?

Speeding is OK in a Lamborghini
The police car could not keep up with him and still Magistrate Michael Wheeler let this hoon off. This Magistrate does not deserve to hold his job. His self-confessed enjoyment of fast cars has clearly corrupted his sense of values. In the hall of shame you can see the Ferrari driver whose speeding has reduced his victim to learning to walk again. You can read of the child that is now dead through the out of control hooning of someone else. Magistrate Michael Wheeler has allowed this to happen again. The police car could not keep up remember. When this particular speeder kills someone, let Magistrate Michael Wheeler feel responsible.

Baby Basher Free!
It sounds like a funny advert in a comic. But it is possibly one of the saddest examples of Australian Justice's Hall of Shame. With prior convictions for assault, this monster is walking the streets. Magistrate Franz Holzer seems more interested in the amount of alcohol the poor child's mother drank than the fact that, at 18 months, it was battered and bruised by Patrick Baskin.

Magistrate Franz Holzer condemned the actions of Baskin but also took a swipe at the child's mother.

"I'm frankly staggered by the amount of alcohol consumed by Mr Baskin and Ms Quarrell," he said.

"It's a sad indictment on our society that the only way people can enjoy themselves on a night out is by getting smashed.

It is a much sadder indictment on our Justice system that people like this are allowed to make such inexplicable decisions without question or accountability. Why is this creature allowed out to get drunk and pursue further violence upon others? What exactly did he have to do to the baby for Magistrate Franz Holzer to take this seriously?

And so it would appear that killing people and bashing children are all offenses unworthy of significant or responsible action on behalf of our legal system. The Justice Hall of Shame has just grown longer and the people have much more to fear now as they drive to work, rest in their beds or just play in their gardens.

It is past time for the justice system to be open and accountable. This situation grows sicker each day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Incredible - and Unaccountable - Decisions Courtesy of Our 'Justice' System

Quite apart from the callous and cruel treatment of Agnieszka Miller and Wonko's previous examples of what can only be called disgusting sentencing, this week has some additional examples on offer.

Firstly, there's the case of the drug-driver who killed in a nurse while joyriding.

This is not just one life - think how many people that nurse might have saved.

Rhonda Negal was off to celebrate her sister's 50th birthday but instead she ended up lying in the gutter. And then on a mortuary slab.

The man who did this will spend five years in jail and then emerge free.

Judge Freeman sentenced the now 25-year-old Totten to serve at least four years and 10 months in prison, taking into account that he fled the crash scene without offering assistance.

"I should say, finally, there is no doubt that the injury, emotional harm, loss or damage caused by the offence was substantial," Judge Freeman said.

"It is clear that the community as a whole suffered a loss with the death of this vibrant and valuable woman in the prime of her life."

Judge Freeman further acknowledged that a plaque recognising the efforts of Ms Negal had been placed in the emergency department of Royal North Shore Hospital, where she worked for almost 30 years.

Despite that Judge Freeman (an appropriate name for a judge given recent events!) still only chose to sentence this killer who has a criminal history of violence and weapons offences to less than five years jail.

Of course, this is not an isolated case of Australian 'justice'.

Magistrate Peter Mellas evidently thinks that driving at speeds of up to 150km/h in a 70km/h zone and smashing into a 60 year old man causing such injuries that he needs to learn to walk again, is a 'solid citizen'.

Police prosecutor Leading Sen-Constable Angela Coulson called on magistrate Peter Mellas to jail Cassar, but the magistrate let the Altona Meadows man walk free.

We are continuously bombarded with warnings about speed yet this particular Magistrate - PETER MELLAS - obviously doesn't watch the TV or read the papers or listen to the radio or - presumably - drive with his eyes open.

Speeders who travel at over DOUBLE the speed limit are 'solid citizens'.

Here lies madness.

Then, there is the treatment of drunk, unlicenced driver Gary Edward Ryan who felt that spinning tyres and showing off was something he might remember in his old age. Hopefully he will because he killed six year old Bangoang Tut as he played in his own front yard. That six year old will never grow up. That six year old will never have his own family. That six year old has had an entire future stolen from him.

Judge Liz Gaynor sentenced this killer to 8 years, but evidently feels that a six year old's life is only worth a year for every year he has lived because Gary Edward Ryan is eligible for parole in SIX years. He'll have spent one year in for every year that Bangoang has lived.

Had he not been killed in his front garden he may well have lived another 74 years. That Judge Liz, is how long this killer should have been sent to prison.

But wait - there's more!

Another case where you can bash people without being punished - I refer you to Judge Meryl Sexton's ludicrous decision to reject prosecution arguments that Comensoli (assaulter and beater) should be sent to an adult jail and instead ordered he be detained in a youth justice centre for three years. During which time he can be set free.

The victim of this callous and unprovoked attack which saw him beaten into unconsciousness now suffers nightmares and is afraid to go out at night or use public transport.

"The effects of your attack have been felt not just by him, but by his friends, who are foreign students and his family in India," Judge Sexton said.

But despite this we have another case where the criminal is essentially set free.

People have been killed - sometimes children - others beaten and their lives ruined and you can see from the above the treatment that these violent criminals receive. They are treated as though they are the sons of gods.

It's not as if our sentencing were consistently lax. That would show that these judges and justices were only 'too soft'. But that isn't the case.

Take the case of the He suffered nightmares, was afraid to go out at night or use public transport and moved house twice.

"The effects of your attack have been felt not just by him, but by his friends, who are foreign students and his family in India," Judge Sexton said.
A serial burglar was in a "drug-induced stupor" when he photographed his penis with mobile phones he stole and sent the images to the owners' contacts, a court has been told.

Shane Anthony Willis, 33, has been jailed for a minimum four-and-a-half years for a string of burglaries in inner Melbourne and regional Victoria between January and April this year.

A minimum of four and a half years for burglary YET by the above standards:

* If he'd beaten one of his victims to unconsciousness, he'd be allowed free.
* If he'd killed one of his victims, he'd go to jail for a couple of years

In Wonko's opinion, we really do need accountability when these people (yes, people because that's all Justices and Judges and Magistrates are) make their decisions.

Friday, October 29, 2010

You be the judge - you couldn't do a worse job!

We seriously need to start pushing for Judgment by Jury - since the our current system is absolutely full of holes

First things first - a good - a perfect example in fact - of how our judges are disgusting out of touch and should be sacked.

Daughter Sentenced to Five Years after Mother Dies

AN OVERWHELMED woman allowed her sick mother to wallow in filth until there were maggots in her bedsores and she died. The woman had been suffering from chronic depression and had become overwhelmed at the difficulties involved in caring for her mother, who was described as "difficult and domineering".

It is not as simple as saying she should have brought in a doctor. Older people can be horribly manipulative and controlling and this poor woman was obviously trying to do the best for her mother against terrible odds. Those who have not had the experience of such a relationship (such as inJustice Lyons) have no idea of how difficult it can be to do the 'right' thing. Likewise, anyone who thinks that a 76 year old woman cannot drive you to depression and isolation obviously hasn't had that experience.

This decision is digusting and must be overturned. This poor woman has suffered enough and is suffering enough now - she deserves sympathy not criticism. Clearly she acted against her own wishes but in accordance with her mother's wishes.

She should be freed. End of Story. SIGN THE PETITION NOW

Of course, if you think that this case is an isolated incident, well in addition to previous catalogs of decisions that never cease to astound me, here are some new ones. In my opinion, we'll only ever get a decent legal system when people start having the guts to stand up and demand one.

Come on world, when will you wisen up? If these decisions are reasonable then it is high time the justifications are made public. The fact that they are not may be down to a legal requirement - which just goes to show that the law must be changed.

And just as a parting gesture, people in Australia have probably forgotten that it is actually illegal for the press to photograph MPs asleep in parliament!!!!!! Well, for those who remember that amazingly stupid law, what about this one:

Government Department blocks access to site that keeps track of what MPs say

The world, in the humble opinion of Wonko the Sane, has gone quite, quite mad!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What is the limit to our own stupidity?

Wonko warns you - the whole world could be at risk of insanity.

Paedophile Derek Percy hits grieving mum with $30,000 bill

If the courts permit this atrocity, then the legal system will have descended to a point well below that of the paedophiles that it purports to protect us from.

A mother whose child is gone and under the worst possible circumstances could be faced with paying out her money on behalf of a monster who may (or may not) have killed the child - and worse.

Somewhere, some time, the courts have got to become accountable.

This is the opinion of Wonko the Sane.

Friday, October 1, 2010

At last a treatment for violent criminals - if only we had the guts


Brain injury turns binge drinking lout into perfect man

Of course, years ago serial violent offenders were given a touch of the pre-frontal labotomy which calmed them down no end. It also took away most of their life-force. It was a treatment much frowned on and later abandoned. I assume.

But with the right understanding of the brain, could we not perform humane treatment on violent offenders brains to effect the same result as this news item reports? The transference of a socially unacceptable bully into a model human being? He gets a better life - we get a better life. He is freed from the effects of his violence - we are freed from the effects of his violence. We can create human beings who may then go on to become some of the best people we could know.

Not by becoming vegetables as was the case of the PFL.

But by reconfiguring the violence.

Witness the birth of new artists, scientists, teachers and doctors.
Witness the end of rape, murder, assault, gang wars and drug dealing.

If only we had the courage to try to HELP people rather than simply punish them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Olympricks

How's this for a thought.

Let's have the Olympic Games but NOT fly the Australian flag. Just in case.


Well, take it up with the government because that's what they want.

In case is the basic argument.

In case the terrorists make people targets.

Now that certainly isn't bowing down to terrorists is it! Is it?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Australia we have the RIGHT TO KILL but not TO DIE...

There are many cases in Australia where human beings can be legally killed. Under the right circumstances, given the appropriate authorities, a human life can be taken. The law has allowed such things to occur without adverse consequence or at least with minimal backlash.

The conditions and requirements of enabling a killing are irrelevant to this post. It is sufficient to know and understand that in Australia - as it is in virtually every other country - one person can willfully take the life of another with the protection of the law.

As long as the person who is to die does not want to die.

For you see, in Australia it is not possible to commit Euthanasia. Even putting an advertisement highlighting the fact that the Australian Government will not discuss euthanasia is not allowed.

You see, we can have laws to govern homicide and lawful killing - so long as the victim stays the victim.

When the victim is someone with a terminal illness and in a state of permanent suffering, that is too hard for the government to deal with. The subject, it says, is closed.

Whether or not Australian's are allowed to terminate their own lives under set and specific circumstances with appropriate controls is something that needs to be determined. But it cannot be determined until our namby-pamby government grows up and faces the issues.

The greens are fighting for territory rights to legalize euthanasia but it's time ALL Australian's were given a say in the matter.

We can legally kill those people who do not want to die.
We can legally euthanize sick pets.
But we turn away and forget those amongst us who suffer ongoing and terminal pain because it is too difficult for us.

Wonko has spoken.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Here we go again. It's never ending.

Now, a victim impact statement can be doctored by a judge.

The victim impact statement is a STATEMENT OF IMPACT BY A VICTIM. It's quite simple. It is not a JUDGES IMPACT STATEMENT. It is a VICTIMS impact statement.

Why are the judges in this God Forsaken country allowed to screw the lives of victims as much or MORE than the criminals??????


This is absolutely disgusting. Australian judges should hang their heads in shame.

This is the opinion of Wonko.

I only hope that they reap the injustices that they are sowing - e.g. Judge lets off drink driver, gets hit by him 11 years later

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Time To SACK Australian Judges

The time has come for all Australian judges to be removed from their jobs. That is the opinion of Wonko the Sane. Sack the lot of them.


Read this shopping list of absurdity and sickening contempt for the victims of crime:
  1. Convicted Sexual Predator (Rapist and attempted child-molester) NOT deported because he likes AFL football - what about the partner he raped and the daughter he tried to rape?
  2. Sentence slashed for Christmas Day rapist - What about the 16yo girl he raped on Christmas Day while he was on parole?
  3. Teen walks free after downloading 200 hardcore child pornography images
  4. Police hand out panic buttons while judge frees dangerous rapist - how would the judge like to live next door to that one?
  5. Jail spared in case crimnal gets bullied - what about his dead girlfriend? What about her parents?
  6. Judge decides juries decision!
  7. Throat Slasher freed with no record and changed identify - but the judge probably knows and looks after their family.
  8. Youths are allowed to blind people - apparently being blinded isn't all that bad according to our judges. They should know - they are obviously blind themselves.
  9. OK to BASH 75yo because too skinny for jail - it's obviously fine to bash old people who are too frail to look after themselves but not to lock up skinny people.
Oh, there are more - lots more. It's time we put a stop to this stupidity. Time that we sacked our judges and restored some kind of law and order in Australia. What, we might wonder, will be the fate of the bastard who sexually attacked this old woman? A kiss on the head and a box of chocolates? And what of the man bashed for glaring at smoking teens? What sort of punishment can he look forward to them getting? A packet of free cigarettes probably. Australian Judges do not deserve to stay in the job when they make decisions such as the list presented here.

Ordinary Australians, the aged, the children - they don't deserve it.

It's time our legal system did what it was supposed to do. Past time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Secrets for Safety

We are all children. Apparently.

A poison gas leak which spread from Sydney to Melbourne is kept quiet in case it 'panics' people. What did they expect the public to do if they knew? Evacuate the area? Sounds quite sensible actually - better anyway than exposing people to the risk.

What else are they not telling us?

Then, of course, there is the coming Sun storm which is expected to hit with the 'force of 100 million hydrogen bombs.

I can only speculate that - given the cover up of the gas - the real dangers of this solar storm could be infinitely more frightening than they are admitting. Time, as they say, will tell.

One thing strikes me about this report though:

They claim satellites will be aged by 50 years, rendering GPS even more useless than ever

Just love that point - rendering GPS even more useless than ever. Now there are no state secrets in that one!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wonko is frightened - but for nice reasons!

Last week I wrote of A Little Sanity At Last - justifiable criticism of judges in Australia.

Well this week something else has occurred which seems oh so sane.

I am talking about Coalition Plans To Dump Internet Censor.

This is excellent news because unless this is an election issue then we will be censored and that will be bad. The currently encumbered government has repeatedly stated that they will implement this ludicrous scheme.

I am all for stopping perverts from eyeing off children - in fact, I am for much tougher penalties for pedophiles, specifically mandatory removal of all important dangly bits. (Unfortunately too many bleading hearts don't like the idea. Plenty of abused children probably do though!).

The internet censor wont stop that sort of thing though. Simple SSL to an IP address will get around it, and meanwhile the rest of Australia will have their internet crawl even slower while any page critical of whichever government is in power will be neatly assigned to the do not show list.

The only way this wont happen is if the government that we elect makes this part of their election basis - i.e. to bury the internet filter.

Which is what the coalition are promising.

There are plenty of good reasons to vote for the current government or a new government. But at the end of the day, if you want the freedom to be informed, then there is one compelling reason to vote out our current misbegotten crew. The internet filter.

Now they have promised it, it is up to Australians to follow it through.

Wonko has spoken.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little sanity - at last.

I can hardly believe my eyes! But I have re-read the item several times. Sanity, it seems, still exists - albeit spread a little thin.

The item in question is:

Out of touch and not very bright: Frank Vincent's verdict on judges

Please read the article but here's a couple of teaser lines:

SOME judges were intellectually or temperamentally unsuited to the job, according to one of Australia's most respected legal minds.

Retired Supreme Court judge Frank Vincent said some of his former colleagues stayed too long in the job and had become "sour".

Others, he said, "suddenly decide they're infallible and don't want to listen because they know it all".

Time and again judges make the most appalling decisions and the world is left reeling - consider the following Wonko-bite for example:

* Unlawful Killing

There are many examples of murders being freed or assault victims watching their attackers walk away free or thugs being freed after serving half their sentence.

It is well past time that judges were given a good servicing and some common sense introduced. At the end of the day, if seemingly unfair decisions are the right ones then the reasons for that should be made public.

Wonko has spoken.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Is this the technology future you want?

I've said it before and I'll say it again - until the deciding factor happens. Not sure what I'm talking about?

I'm talking about the Conroy Filter and this Government's commitment to the destruction of your civil liberty. Wow!

Let me just once more say it. This Internet Filter - the Conroy Cow - MUST be turned into an election issue. It is not good enough just to vote LABOUR OUT! The internet filter will be used by any Government in Power to restrict access to information. Anything that the government doesn't want you to know will be restricted. Forget freedom of information. IT WILL NOT EXIST.

The LIBS will support the Conroy Cow if they are elected - because THEY also would like to stop you reading about their own particular deficiencies. It doesn't matter who is in power, the filter will be used to stop you knowing the things you need to.

The only way that the filter can be stopped is by turning it into an election issue. Make sure that the LIBERALs gain control and that the only reason they do is their determination to KILL CONROYS COW.

If it becomes an election issue, then Wonko will no longer need to pass his (common sense) judgement on it. If LABOUR retakes government then Wonko will no longer need to pass his judgement because - like all voices of truth - he will be censored.

Do you really need proof? Really?

Then spend just a few moments examining the PLAN TO SPY ON YOUR INTERNET USAGE.

Those accessing child pornography deserve to be caught. But when they have censored 90% of the plan itself - that should tell you that there is more at stake here than the netting (sic) of online pedophiles.

Fixing the - apparently increasing number of - pedophiles is definitely something the governments should be working on. A good start might be mandatory castration for repeat offenders. Harsh? Perhaps. But it makes more sense than introducing censorship that anyone with a SSL (secure sockets layer) connection to a weekly varying IP address can get around.

So if you really think the censorship idea is right, despite the fact that there is no accountability with respect to the sites that will be blocked, spend just a few moments looking at the black lines through all the stuff that the government has censored already.

THEN make sure you let your local pollie know - it's LABOUR out BECAUSE of the CENSOR!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flesh, Smoke and Green Cheese

Life is certainly full of surprises.

Firstly was the discovery that someone thinks flesh is not meat.

For years Pamela Anderson has marketed her flesh without objection (mostly) but when someone dares to draw the similarities between a human and an animal (grown for meat) then there is suddenly a hue and outcry.

Let's be clear about this. We are all made of flesh and bone. Intellectually, pigs are smarter than dogs, and very probably smarter than politicians too. Regardless of whether or not you, the reader, is smarter than a cow, you share many similarities including the desire to live without pain.

What's at stake with this example of human stupidity is not the treatment of an actress as a 'piece of meat' - something she has specialized in, just ask any teenage boy - but rather yet another attempt to distract from PETA's clever illustration and legitimize the killing and eating of the creatures we share this planet with. Plain and simple.

Then there's the wonderful example of a supermarket chain who really does want to ease our wallets. Coles are importing cheap cigarettes for us.

Yes, because they love us so much, rather than expecting us to pay the inflated prices that are only there to stop lung cancer and so forth, Coles are intending to provide us with much cheaper carcinogenic puff sticks.

Of course it has to do with their profit margins - not our health. Our health doesn't come into the equation. Cigarettes were a big seller bringing in considerable income so it was only to be expected that they would try to reverse the (unusual) Government decision to save lives by peddling cheap imported products.

Fortunately it has been discovered that there may be holes on the moon. I guess this could be a good place to park the growing number of corpses who die each year from cigarette related cancers.

The Moon is Lunar, the World is Looney.

Wonko has spoken.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I elect to ditch the censor.

Australia, wake up.

It's quite simple.

If Senator Conroy's Internet Censorship is not made into an election issue then you will lose the freedom of information that you currently enjoy.

Voting out Labour will not change anything.

The internet censor is good for whichever government is in power, because it allows them to control the information you gain access to. Anything they don't want you to know - you will be banned from. Think about it.

Just voting Labour out will not change this because the Liberal Party would benefit from the same level of government control over accessible information. So they will implement the filter just as Labour will.

The only way to ensure that the filter goes down the drain is to make it clear that it is political suicide. That is Australia's only hope for the future.

Unless the filter IS turned into an election issue then whoever is elected at the next election (Labour OR Liberal) will implement it without fear. BUT if it is the basis of their manifesto that they will NOT implement it - then there is hope.

So please, understand this: whoever is in power wont matter - they will still switch on the filter and switch off everything they don't want you to know. UNLESS they gain office on the basis of discarding the filter.

Australia, it's your choice.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ex Prime Minister sucks up the luxury while others suffer

Plenty of things to aggravate wonko this week - You can beat someone up and blind them in Australia - it's ACCEPTABLE. Not because Australians agree with it but because we have a sick legal system. But if you think that's an isolated incident, consider the case of the attempted wife killing which, again, seems to be OK because, to quote Justice Lyons, in sentencing this person to a horrifyingly SHORT sentence, said: "It is clear you have no criminal history and that you are of otherwise good character." Good job he didn't cheat on his taxes!

But the biggest and most sickening thing was the news that Australia's EX Prime Minister will receive $600,000 a year - for life.

This is absolutely scandalous, because there are thousands and thousands of carers out there who provide their care to their disabled children, sick partners or frail aged parents twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long for a massive carer payout of $1.73 per hour. They are in ill-health, have low-self esteem, depression and are conveniently ignored by a government that happily pays out $600,000 to an EX Prime Minister.

The worst of it is that UNLIKE THIS PRIME MINISTER, they have no future. They have no superannuation because carers cannot invest in superannuation funds. While they are living a nightmare and - through their care for others - they are also destroying their own future while Australia ignores them and hands out $600,000 per year for LIFE to politicians who have already been well paid.

Now that is disgusting.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Australia's First Female Prime Minister

Julia Gillard is Australia's First Female Prime Minister

This is a significant event, just as America's first Black President was momentous.

But it might just be more-of-the-same. She might be a dead loss - just like every other Prime Minister we've ever had - or are likely to have.

But, she deserves a chance to prove herself.

Well, if you are interested Hon Julia, here is a list of things that I, Wonko the Sane, believe should be your priority. You will probably disagree - if you indeed ever read this. But Wonko is not motivated by what he can 'get' out of life - only by the welfare and wellbeing of others. And that, by the way, sounds like the description of a Prime Minister.

So here's the list:

1. This internet censorship thing - it has to go. At best, those who want to will circumvent it and at worst, future governments will use it to restrict information to their advantage. We should not be following China's example here.

2. On that subject, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and someone who should be treated with respect. The present attitude of pleasuring the Chinese government despite the horrors perpetrated by them is unacceptable and by our own government's stand, we are not only aligned with China but also supportive of genocide and environmental destruction.

3. In this wonderful 21st century it is time that we learnt the true meaning of compassion. Factory farming (including the workarounds used by some chicken farmers) must be properly outlawed - including battery hens. Show the world that Australians have hearts and not just stomachs.

4. A growing proportion of Australians are Carers. They are looking after spouse, parents, children - yet they receive a very poor deal. Would you work for someone who provides no annual leave, no long service leave, 24x7 on-call hours, no public holidays and - perhaps most importantly - NO SUPERANNUATION? Would you Julia Gillard expect your children to be subjected to that? I don't think so. Carers are a growing breed and need much better support.

5. Climate Change is Real. Whether or not we are causing it or making it worse is something that we will argue until the planet dies it's ultimate death. But we can at least ensure that we ARE NOT making it worse. That much can be done. So lets do it.

Is there any chance that we will get a Leader who actually cares?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Would you care if it were your child?

A child died today. Not from an accident or some genetic illness. It wasn't even murder. But from starvation.

24000 will die today. That's about sixteen tiny hearts that will stop every minute.

If it were your child, would you care?

Yet Nicole Richie can be paid $300,000 for the 'critical' world service of cutting ribbons.

No, she is not to blame - not for being paid. But what she does with the money - that's down to her and if she makes the decision to spend on herself rather than the 16 tiny children that have died in the space of reading this piece, well then she is responsible for that.

But the people who paid her that much money are in the opinion of Wonko the Sane guilty of something. Murder? No, not murder. At the moment, the non-saving of a human life is not considered murder.

But they are guilty. Yes, they are guilty.

Because they are part of the world where the tiny are left to die while the rich (and that's you and me by the way) sit back in comfort, safe in the knowledge that those children don't matter because we don't know them.

Only they do matter.

Just imagine if one of them was yours.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Without Ears. Or Heart.

We live in a sickening world.

Last week there was the case of a Spanish bull that had been cloned to allow those who delight in the painful torture of an animal to death to continue their sordid enjoyments with as much sickening suffering as possible.

The world is without ears. Or Heart. Wonko's highlighting of this appalling example of Spain's backwards decent into the dark ages - of it's hideous nature of barbarism - has achieved nothing when he then reads of a twelve year old bullfighter. A new low for Spain. Child abuse and Animal abuse at the same time.

How much do the Spanish love torture and pain?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why HUMAN has no E

What is Wonko on about now I hear you ask. Why does 'human' have no 'e'? Is he on drugs?

No, but he'd feel better if he was.

The words 'human' and 'humane' seem remarkably similar, at first view. But there is in fact a world of difference - and I don't just mean the spelling.

It is the HUMAN that is responsible for this monstrosity - Spanish Bull Cloned

Spain, in it's infinite HUMAN-ness (which is unrelated to HUMANE) have cloned a particularly fierce bull so that bull-fighting may perpetuate it's own variety of horrendous blood spilling.

All Spanish people should be ashamed at this absolute mis-use of science.

Bullfighting is the barbaric throwback to the stupid in charge of the cowardly. The torturous killing of a bull under the auspices of 'sport' belongs in the sorry history of a country proudly aiming for HUMANE rather than HUMAN.

Spain, however, prefers the word without the 'e'.

Plenty of people in Spain abhor this spectacle of cruelty. But plenty, it would seem, still relish in it. Like cannibals slicking their lips at the thought of eating their enemies sexual organs, they perpetuate this violence.

There is a big difference between HUMAN and HUMANE. And the E stands for ESPAƑOLES - and that is the difference between human and humane. Take away the 'e' and give it to the Spanish.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Global Warning and All That Jazz

Many people in the world are beginning to stress out about the number of earthquakes, volcanic activity and of course global warming. Counter balancing them are those who argue that there is no global warming and if there is then it is just a naturally cyclic event anyway, and definitely the number of earthquakes and eruptions is not unusual - just better reported.

Both sides of this argument have merit but I am not about to take sides.

My point is rather that we should be taking note of all of these events as a reminder that we are all residents of a living planet. It is not just a bunch of dirt that we can abuse to fulfill our own greedy materialistic desires. It is a fragile ecology that runs delicately and with its own rules.

The planet, in short, can not be taken for granted. Whether or not there are more earthquakes or volcanoes erupting is less important than recognizing that they are a normal and unavoidable part of a living planet that can shudder and shake without our help. Whether or not global warming is cyclic or not, as a general rule the human race pollutes the atmosphere and the earth with all manner of poisons and chemicals - all of which may hasten or hinder the normal operation of earths finely balanced ecosystem.

This is not a lump of rock to be used and abused, a resource to be exploited - it is our home and the only home we are likely to have in the foreseeable future. This is the great message of the Volcanoes, of the earthquakes, of the tsunamis. It is not some religious threat. It is simple fact.

Or to quote King Henry :

Never Spit On Your Own Doorstep

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Political Correctness is the New Prejudice

All too often in this world, there is someone ready to be offended on someone else's behalf. And that is wrong - very wrong. Because it often leads to embarrassment, bad feeling and misery.

Take the example of Roy Amor.

He joked with a friend. It was his friend that he joked with. His friend was not offended because his friend knew it was a joke. They were, in the great Australian tradition, mates. Unlike many Australians, Roy was not afraid to be friends with others. The fact that his friend was a different colour to him did not affect their relationship. It wouldn't because neither Roy nor his friend were racists.

Yet Roy is now dead.

The reason Roy is dead is because of racism - don't doubt it. But not his racism.

A passerby overhead Roy's joke with his friend. And while his friend laughed with Roy as mates do - genuinely and with affection - the passerby did not. The passerby elected to be offended on behalf of Roy's friend and raised the joke as the act of a racist and Roy was thus the subject of an investigation.

Roy, the non-racist, whose friendship with others cared not for their race, colour or creed, felt so intimidated by the allegations of racism that he committed suicide.

The passerby, for whom colour was obviously an issue yet who considers themselves non-racist, must now consider the degree to which they are responsible for Roy's death.

Roy should not has committed suicide. It was not a reasonable thing to do. Plainly, he must have had other problems, other concerns on his mind. Clearly, there was much in Roy's life that influenced him. This case of political correctness gone mad just pushed the balance.

But that's the problem with taking on other people's 'offendedness'. Being offended on someone else's behalf might well be a good thing - we should all be offended at racism. But it is important to do so only when there is good reason. In other words, when there actually is a victim who is offended.

Many years ago, I worked with a close knit group of people. An obviously faked performance report was created for one in the group in a manner calculated to create much merriment with the person. It did. They were ecstatic and very pleased. A manager saw the report and the 'victim' was extremely embarrassed by the fiasco that followed which involved the flaying alive and severe tongue-lashing of the 'culprits'. Needless to say, the 'victim' was very upset. Not by the joke of which they fully approved, but by the result of the manager offended on their behalf. A manager who didn't even have the brains or consideration to talk to the 'victim' about it.

In Roy's case, as has been said, there were probably other things going on in his life or his mind that contributed to his death. But think about it - we all have other things going on in our lives. Who else will die because someone projects their own special variety of prejudice on someone else?

You cannot generalize in such situations. Humour, especially, is a very subjective thing. It is not something you can legislate on. If John (very tall) Cleese makes a joke about short people, a thousand people will be offended on behalf of the short. Yet if Ronnie Corbett tells the same joke, no-one is offended. Steady Eddy could see the humour in his disability - or at least in what others with prejudice call a disability. Should we stone him? What if he was 'normal' - can we stone him then?

Racism - like most ISMs - is not right and should not be tolerated. People, especially in the workplace or the school - should not be subjected to racism, bullying, sexism or any other discriminatory treatment. We need zero tolerance.

But we need to be zero tolerant to discriminatory treatment. In Roy's friend's case, there was no discrimination. Except against Roy.

Political Correctness surely is the new prejudice.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sick Australia

I am sorry to say that I am rapidly become disenchanted with Australia.

But it's not the people, per say, and definitely not the country. It's the government - which includes the bureaucratic thieves and other criminals who treat Australians with contempt.

Consider then, the case of Rebecca Doig and her family.

She has early onset dementia. I am not going to go into the details - read the above link.

What I will say is that Australia is failing these people as I personally know it has failed many others. Pensioners live in their own faeces because those with the power to change it sit back on their fat behinds picking their noses with one hundred dollar bills that they have 'earnt' in their so-called social security jobs.

People are run into the ground caring for others - and receive nothing for it. I saw a wonderful t-shirt the other day. It summed the situation up beautifully.

  • No Overtime
  • No Public Holidays
  • No Annual Leave
  • No Long Service Leave
  • No Superannuation
  • Hours - 24x7
  • $1.73 per hour

    The biggest rub of these is the 'No Superannuation'. Not only do carers lose their present - they lose their future as well. And our government doesn't give a damn.

    And Rebecca Doig doesn't even get a pension.

    I curse them all for lining their own pockets while letting those in need suffer.

    It is the Sick Australia.

    And if you don't like it - then start lobbying Centrelink, as a starting point, for change.
  • Friday, April 9, 2010

    Earth - The Planet That Eats Children

    Perhaps 'eats' is not right, but let's face it, we come pretty close in terms of our sick behaviour to children. We rape them, we beat them, we murder them and we leave them to starve. You doubt it?

    Take the case of Sangeeta Persaud who suffered from convulsions. Now convulsions are a terrible thing to experience and especially for a child. So what medical treatment did she receive? Well if you followed the link you'd know. She received an exorcism to get rid of the naughty demons that were possessing her. She died as a result of that exorcism. Unfortunately the only demons were those who were allowed to kill her through their own ignorance.

    Then, there is the case of Garsha Wilson. How did the world treat this poor young thing? She was raped, strangled and then buried alive. Twelve years old and subjected to this.

    But it gets worse. Ilham Mahdi al Assi was forced into marriage at just 13 years old and split open internally by the sexual invasion of her husband. It was rape. Some religious groups do not consider forced sexual intercourse to be rape when the criminal act is perpetrated by the woman (or in this case, child's) husband.

    Quite apart from these incidents - not isolated incidents either - there are also the 24,000 children who die every day - needlessly.

    The biggest crime here - and the reason for my title - is that the world sits smugly back and lets it all happen. We feel token outrage - sometimes - but don't lift a finger to change it. We let religious groups perpetrate astonishing cruelty because we somehow feel that they have some God-given 'right' to do so. And we stuff ourselves stupid with chocolate Easter eggs when a child dies every four seconds.

    We might as well be the planet that eats children. We certainly take no real trouble or effort to protect them.

    Planet Earth, I am ashamed of you.

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Beware - As you leave this site you are entering the Asylum

    If I didn't already know, then today I would have most certainly been made aware of it.

    The world has gone mad.

    Man's best friend (next to dog) has become his greatest enemy - bringing new meaning to the old expression 'tits up'. Breast implant bombs new terror device.

    Then, there's the case of the scanner guy who is in danger of getting sued for allegedly looking a little too appreciatively at a set of the (apparently potentially deadly) baubles. If she had been a terrorist, would he have been a hero rather than a villain?

    On a different tact (though possibly not unrelated to breast feeding) there's the announcement that some women are born bad mums. Interesting concept. It suggests that mothers might actually be human. Are we ready for such a thing? Does that mean that some fathers might be born bad fathers? And if so, have they told this guy yet?

    Perhaps 'born to be bad' is rather an excuse.....

    Then, of course, it's not always reasonable to blame the parents anyway. No doubt these obnoxious little yobs will claim a 'bad childhood' later on in life after they have murdered, bullied and raped their way through to the adult courts.

    Sigh. The world really has gone mad.

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Victims of Child Abuse

    The trouble that pedophiles cause is almost incalculable. The harm they cause to children is ungovernable.

    Yet the world does little to stop them.

    It is true that some are caught and jailed, but that rarely solves the problem.

    For a start, jail does not rehabilitate them. More often than not, they get to indulge their perversions socially with others of a similar ilk. They emerge better trained and more able to carry out their abuses with even less chance of detection.

    Then, of course, pedophilia is a crime but one highly related to a mental sickness. The sexual desire of children is a mental health issue - so punishment is not going to change it.

    Perhaps most importantly, no real effort seems to go into understanding why people turn out to be sexual predators of children. The 10 year old angel turns into Mr Baldy or Mr Nasty - but why? What causes this degradation in their moral, ethical and/or sexual nature? Find out and maybe we can stop it.

    We need to understand and so prevent rather than trying to apply band-aid after-the-event solutions.

    But not all victims of child abuse are children.

    Consider the case of Sarah Monahan who claims abuse on the set of the TV show 'Hey Dad'.

    Read the above link and you'll see the key points are:

    * Man "fondled and exposed himself"
    * Won't say if man was cast or crew
    * Didn't talk for fear of job loss

    Because (for various reasons and probably most of them quite justifiable) she will not identify the perpetrator, the other members of the show are now suspects.

    Without being arrested, without a court hearing and without a sentence being handed down, all other males in that show - on camera or off - are now suspected pedophiles.

    In fact, they are all (except one) VICTIMS OF CHILD ABUSE. Because their characters and their careers and their private lives are now on the burner, fingers are pointing, relationships are at risk.

    The pedophile (I am assuming the assertion to be true for the moment) has not only impact that poor child but also all those around her.

    The Victims of Child Abuse are more than just the children.

    Parents accused of abuse but found innocent (or worse, unproven) are victims. Family friends are now suspects - even when no abuse is reported. The man who bends to a child crying in the street is now at risk.

    We must do something about these perverts who are pedophiles.

    We must find out WHY they are and then implement safeguards so that we do not create more. It is not sufficient to just lock people up.

    We need to spend the money. For our kids, for ourselves, for our future.

    Friday, February 26, 2010

    All things are cyclic.
    Night turns to Day.
    Summer turns to Autumn.
    Google Strangles Competition (According to Microsoft)

    I typed in the word itself into Googles font maker for a second laugh and present it here.

    If the words had come from anyone but Microsoft then it might have been serious. But talk of the kettle calling the pot black ..... No doubt everyone remembers the court cases and the issues with Windows and Internet Explorer and the near demise of alternate browsers such as Netscape.

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Wonko Speaks and is Unafraid to do so!

    Things have been hotting up on the information superhighway.

    The anonymity of the internet is finally crumbling.

    And that is only right, because free speech is not the same thing as slander or defamation. The internet is a wonderful tool for communication but as with all tools, it should and must be wielded with a balanced hand.

    For example, Facebook - which is a wonderful social networking site - can also be abused. Some examples of its abuse?

    1. The Fake Daniel Morcombe Ransom Page

    2. Facebook used as a racial attack

    3. A teacher dies - it is still unclear of whether or not it was suicide - but there is a strong link to naked photos posted on Facebook

    4. Police investigate Trinity web tribute porn - the posting of obscenities following the already obscene taking of an innocent child's life

    Guilt or innocence, of course, is for the courts to decide. But the message is clear - cowards hiding behind the internet to spread their twisted poison are likely to come unstuck.

    Then, of course, there is also the major risk of online activity jeopardizing that very judgement of innocence or guilt. When sufficient public exposure occurs, it becomes difficult or impossible to obtain a fair trial. In such cases there is a risk of the guilty walking free.

    On the other hand, the ludicrous web filter that Conroy wishes to impose on Australian citizens (and which will mark the end of his political career if this blogger has his way) may well do more for the destruction of free speech and shared information than anything else. Especially as it already appears to be censoring government information which is considered topical.

    We do not deserve this type of censorship.
    We do not want this type of censorship.
    But given some of the abuses of the internet, it is very easy for a government to argue that we do need this type of censorship.

    Which is why we must accept accountability for what we write and what we say on the internet - just as we would in newsprint or in a public square. And this is why cyber-poisonpenners being hunted down is a victory for everyone and yet another nail in the coffin of censorship.

    Accountability not Restriction.

    This is the opinion of Wonko.

    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Australia - The Country That Gives Away Its Soul

    Countries are usually proud of their history; of their culture; of their traditions. They act to preserve them and to grow them. They put them on show. They wear their heart on their sleeve.

    Australia has long had that reputation - Aussies love Australia and are happy to tell the world just how great their country is. And it's not just talk - Australia is a great country with a lot going for it - despite the best efforts of its political leaders to drag it into the mire.

    Yet, Australia is also a country that seems quite content to give away its soul. And here's why I say so.

    Australia is the home of Vegemite - now owned by ...... well, not Australia.

    Waltzing Matilda is its national song if not its national anthem and as part of Australia as any song could be - and owned by ....... well, not Australia.

    Australian Crawl's wonderful hit and tribute to Australia 'Down Under' may be buried down under (the ground) due to alleged and tenuous links to the classic Australian folksong 'The Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree-ee'. Anywhere else and the original 'owners' of the folksong's copyright would be complimented but here in Australia its all about money. Again, Australia sells its soul.

    Then there's the Aboriginal Flag. The indigenous population of Australia have had it bad from the start. If genocide is too strong then massacre is not - of history, of culture, of society and of family. One of the best tributes to the indigenous population of Australia would be to propagate the so-called 'Aboriginal Flag' - to make it synonymous with Australia, to bring the indigenous brother into everyday experience rather than just a 'problem' on the news or a photo from the outback. But those who own the flag seem more interested in money than turning it into the flag that will remind the nation of the mistakes of the past and its responsibilities of the future. If the owners of this flag are Australian - as opposed to Vegemite or Waltzing Matilda - then they have sold out to the mighty dollar. How well we have taught our indigenous peoples to be like us. Again, Australia sells its soul.

    Of course, the governments of the day have just stood by and given away Australian manufacturing. They've done the same with many of the service industries - I.T. support, Call Centres etc. No doubt when those overseas want to buy up our primary industries, our Government (whoever they are) will say - 'oh, yes, why not'. Australia really is the country that gives away its soul.

    It would be nice if just for once, the country pulled together, grabbed a firm hold on its culture and history, and said 'Nope, these are for the people'.

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Superannuation - The Great Lie

    They said it was for our benefit. They said it was for our future.

    I'm talking about superannuation.

    OK, so hows this for benefit.....

    Case 1.

    My brother died 2 years ago and his superannuation came to me as next of kin. Total amount was four and a half thousand dollars. Not a lot, but he spent much of his life between jobs.

    So by the time I'd gotten all the 'required' forms delivered to me and signed and returned, the superannuation company had LOST $800 of the payout through mis-investment. I had intended on using this money to pay for his funeral with any left over going to the RSPCA. Instead, I had to make up the difference with my own money which was pretty thin on the ground since I was unemployed myself.

    And they say it's for our benefit. It's for our future.

    Case 2.

    My wife did a little work and got a little pay. It had to have a superannuation portion didn't it. No choice. It's for our own good says Big Brother in the Australian government.

    The Superannuation company slowly eroded it to zero dollars then closed the account. Well thanks for that guys, if she'd put it in the bank then she might still have a little bit left.

    Only it doesn't end there. More work for someone else and a new superannuation rip-off merchant cops a bit more money. Again, they weasel it down to almost nothing through fees.

    It's for our own good. For our future.

    Isn't it time the Australian Government did something about this problem? If we are forced to invest (how inappropriate is THAT word?) in superannuation, then it should at least guarantee that the money will not be chiseled away to nothing. It's bloody disgusting and it's time that it changed.

    Not everyone can get employment. My wife is a full time carer for her parents and guess what - she can't even put money INTO superannuation so she can't build her future at all now and any money she did have in has been regurgitated as Superannuation Board coffee money. Even if she could get a little job to fit in with the 24x7 job of carer, the pittance she would get put into a superannuation scheme would be eroded faster than she could add to it.

    It's for our own good. For our future.

    Well that's bullshit and it's time Australian's got off their backsides and did something about the criminal running of this country. This is a sham, a mockery and an injustice to all Australians.

    And it is NOT for our own good. And it is NOT for our future. It is for the pockets of the bloated bastards who care nothing for the rest of the country.

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    The Standard of Press Reporting wouldn't pass Grade School

    The English language is and always has been a work-in-progress. It's an evolving language with new words added and old words falling into disuse every day. Even in England itself, pronunciation could vary with just a few miles geographic distance.

    Having said that, the press have always had a duty to be accurate to the stricter rules of English. Colloquialisms have little place in news reporting - which should always, at all times, be the reporting of truth and fact and not opinion (editorials excepted).

    Of course, this has rarely been the case. Bias creeps into every paper and reporters - being human - are always open to subjective interpretation rather than objective reporting. This is not a fault in their skills so much as the nature of humanity.

    However, in a way the guardian of reporting was always 'official speak'. In other words, notwithstanding printing errors such as miss-spelling or jumbling up of the letters, the printed word was always caged in a manner whereby the meaning was ultimately clear and written in official terms.

    Not so today.

    Take this report from the New York Post (via entitled Scientist guilty of trying to kill Americans - some portion of which are reproduced below for the purposes of analysis and comment.

    1. Apparently pleading not-guilty is reserved only for those who are found innocent:
    Aafia Siddiqui, 37, was found guilty by a jury in Manhattan federal court even after she denied charges that she had opened fire on US soldiers and FBI agents in Afghanistan.

    'even after she denied charges' - well, most or at least many people plead not-guilty in court but how many times do reputable journalists comment on the case in this way? Whether actually guilty or innocent, if she pleads not-guilty then it is expected that she would deny the charges for Gods sake - what sort of brain wrote this?

    2. Inappropriate use of abbreviation

    The Pakistani neuroscientist, who feds claimed was an al-Qaeda associate, was arrested two years ago carrying handwritten plans for a radioactive "dirty bomb" along with a list of New York landmarks.

    The term 'feds' is not only meaningless but inappropriate in a newspaper (possibly OK for a school yard though). Federal Police? Federal Bureau of Investigation? Fed-up citizens who are sick of year 3 school experience students writing press articles?

    3. Reporter alleges police assault on potentially innocent victim

    It took a jury two days to convict Siddiqui, who became famous for her loud outbursts that often got her kicked out of the courtroom.

    According to this creative writer, the person was kicked. I think they meant 'removed' or even 'forcibly removed' but that's not what it says. The term 'kicked out' really does only apply to schoolboy language and NOT to an official press report.

    I would have expected much more from the New York Post but then perhaps - with the current ecconomic climate - they have handed over press reporting to grandchildren at kindergarten.....

    It may not seem important but it is. Press reporting IS important. It is an important job and essential for the good running of any nation. That people can be informed, objectively, without bias, using the correct language, grammar and spelling, is an essential part of mass communication and something that the world needs to maintain in a responsible manner - not in the slipshod manner that seems to be becoming the norm.

    No, the New York Post is not alone in this. But as a responsible newspaper they need to set the example and show the way.

    Wonko the Sane has spoken.

    Saturday, January 30, 2010

    Get over 'Getting over it!"

    You might notice, if you read blogs or comments posted to news articles and so forth, that there is a prevailing school of psychological thought providing a panacea to the worlds problems. It is the 'Get Over It' cure.

    Unhappy about the abuses committed on the bodies of loved ones - well, 'get over it'.

    Upset about people stealing your culture and art? - well, 'get over it'.

    WWII cemetery desecrated? - well, 'get over it'.

    There are three problems with this wonderful 21st century cure-all attitude of the n-lightened oxygen-starved masses of internet wisdom.

    1. Because an issue has little impact on them personally, they have no consideration for those who are suffering because of it. Put simply, they lack empathy and they lack respect - two essentially qualities for building a better world.

    2. It is not possible to just 'get over' things. If any of these self-appointed experts in human mental processes actually had any real insight or knowledge, then they would know that there are no issues that we can just 'get over'. Regardless of their determination or good intentions, a phobic cannot just 'get over' their fears. A depressive cannot 'get over' their depression. A carer cannot just 'get over' caring for others. It is not a choice. It is not like deciding not to watch Neighbours. Telling anyone to just 'get over' something shows up a level of ignorance which only perpetuates the mistreatment of those who are suffering.

    3. Possibly the most important problem with this attitude is the hyper-egotistic assumption that the person in question should 'get over' their current problem or dilemma. In most cases, the 'problem' that they are told to 'just get over' is actually a sign of compassion in one form or another. What they are being told is to be selfish and egocentric. 'Get over it' and be like me, says the sage advisers of internet wisdom, care about no-one but yourself and stuff the rest. Seriously, is that really the sort of world we want? A world where everyone is out just for themselves without any care or consideration for others?

    This fad for telling people to 'get over' things - their health issues, their ethical issues or their religious issues - comes down to one simple statement. 'Go away because I don't want to know'.

    Well, for all those people out there who don't like other people having concerns about the world....... GET OVER IT!

    For everyone else - Well Done!

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    The Mind Googles at China's 21st Century Abdication

    It is the 21st century. But then, most of you knew that already right?

    But there's at least one country that doesn't seem to know. They seem to think it is still 1950 in the twentieth century. In other words, they are still trying driving the same mindset that resulted in the 1950 invasion of Tibet - and the killing or imprisonment of a million people.

    You, dear reader, are fortunate, because whether or not you want to read this blog, the fact is that you can read it. Part of China's abdication from the twenty-first century is the censorship of any item unfavourable to the Chinese Government.

    If you testify against the Mafia you may well find bits of you cut off.
    If you testify against the Mob you get a new set of shoes - concrete.
    If you testify against the Triad you are likely to need new everything.

    All of those groups are both criminal and violent but they at least don't pretend to be anything else.

    The Chinese Government, however, pretends to be a 21st Century player who cares about its people while in truth it is a ruthless dictator that cares nothing for the individual and discards lives as we might discard we might discard an old shoe. Only there's a difference between soles and souls.

    Google is not alone in its treatment by the Chinese Government. Millions of Chinese and millions of Tibetans are also given the sharp end of the pointed stick.

    In the 21st Century, this is NOT the way to rule. To censor news about yourself is an abdication of the present for a past which is stained with the blood of the innocent.

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    So this is the new decade ...

    So what's in the news?

    Japan, home of cutsey-cutesy animation and whale-slaughtering, finds a new sport in sinking other countries vessels

    Rage born of the Road kills the Unborn of a Woman

    KFC, one of the worlds leaders in chicken deaths, plays chicken when it comes to racist advertising

    Playboy Barbie Recycled

    It's a nightmare.

    The world still doesn't see the connection between it's mistreatment of animals and it's mistreatment of people.

    The screams of ego and dominance yet again result in the loss of the life of the most vulnerable.

    And the artificial world of beauty that 99.999% of women are excluded from - due to being normal - takes another victim.

    It's 2010. And this is the end of the first week.

    Will we never learn?

    Friday, January 1, 2010


    And so, a new decade starts.

    Still people war with each other.
    Still stupidity rules as government.
    Still children go hungry.
    Still, 1500 children die every hour.

    What glorious futures were envisaged by the great science fiction writers? Wonderful transports to alien frontiers, technological delights to clean and entertain us.

    Yet every day we come closer to the sort of future offered to us by Harry Harrison in his cautionary tale, 'Make Room, Make Room'.

    At the end of the book, as the 21st century is about to dawn, amidst the over population, food shortages, housing shortages and water shortages, a religious zealot called Peter claims the Armageddon.

    Andy, the books main character, assures him that the new century has begun and there is no armageddon. He tells Peter to go home.

    "Home?" Peter blinked dazedly as the words penetrated. "There is no home, there is no world, for it is the millennium and we shall all be judged. The thousand years are ended and Christ shall return to reign gloriously on Earth."

    "Maybe you have the wrong century," Andy said, holding the man by the elbow and guiding him out of the crowd. "It's after midnight, the new century has begun and nothing has changed."

    "Nothing changed?" Peter shouted. "It is Armageddon, it must be." Terrified, he pulled his arm from Andy's grip and started away, then turned back when he had only gone a pace.

    "It must end," he called in a tortured voice. "Can this world go on for another thousand years, like this? LIKE THIS?"

    Then people came between them and he was gone.

    We have not yet reached the point depicted in 'Make Room, Make Room'. But we are well on the way. We have learnt few of the lessons that Harry Harrison has tried to teach us.

    Perhaps a Messiah will come and rescue the worthy. Perhaps Jesus will stand again amongst us. But what will his words be?

    Will he admonish his followers for their differences? For being Christians by a thousand names yet not once linking arms despite their differences?

    Will he ask why we, the keepers of the garden but not the owners of it, have raped it, have starved it, have sucked it's very life from it to support our own boundless desire for experiences and materialism?

    Will he look at the thirty-five thousand hearts that stop beating every day and ask why we let it be so?

    And if Jesus doesn't come - if all those who have faith in this are wrong, what then of the world?

    2010. Give or take a tick of the clock, it's here.

    "Can this world go on for another thousand years, like this? LIKE THIS?"