Saturday, November 20, 2010

And the UN-JUSTICE continues ...

Wonko is thinking that he might need to start up a special blog, just to cover the ludicrous, irresponsible and down-right appalling decisions made by Australia's so-called 'Justice System'.

Here are a few new examples of why our justice system needs to be totally overhauled and made more accountable:

Killer driver walks free.
A KILLER driver on parole for the culpable driving death of 16-year-old Tamika Moyle walked free after facing court yesterday on new driving charges.

Michael James Chambers, 23, of Cloverdale Court, Corio, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates' Court to driving while disqualified, driving an unregistered motorbike and not wearing a helmet.

He received one month's jail suspended for two years and a $500 fine.

Chambers outraged Geelong in 2005 when, drunk and stoned, he smashed his unregistered car into a pole at high speed on La Trobe Tce.

Ms Moyle was fatally injured in the crash and another female passenger was seriously hurt.

Chambers, who has priors for recklessly causing injury, unlicensed driving, speeding and carrying a prohibited weapon, pleaded guilty in 2006 to culpable driving and recklessly causing serious injury.
How many people have to die before our legal system takes these things seriously?

Increased Prison Sentence for Serious Repeat Offender Machete Attack Not Warranted
"Your prospects of rehabilitation at the present time do not appear to be all that good," Judge Tilmouth said.

"The escalating nature of the violence you are prepared to inflect on innocent citizens by using dangerous weapons, has grown to a point that it is appropriate to declare that you are a serious repeat offender."

But, Judge Tilmouth said he was "far from satisfied" an increased prison term was justified to protect the community from Saunders.

Instead, he said Saunders would be subject to strict conditions while on parole.

Jude Tilmouth described the NorMetals attack as "brutal, callous, violent and unnecessary".

He said the men had feared for their lives, suffered painful and serious injuries.

Saunders had threatened he would "chop" the head off one of the men.

Perhaps is Judge Tilmouth's son had been one of those sliced open by a machete, things would have been different.

Road Rage Killer's Sentence CUT
"While this was a very bad example of the offence ... it did not have those additional features such as evasion of the police, disregard of a police direction, or considered persistence in highly dangerous driving over a long period and distance, which would have put this into the worst category of dangerous driving or criminal negligence," Justice Hugh Fraser said.
I would have thought that running away from the police was a negligible crime compared with killing someone. Road rage is not some freak accident or even being out of control through drink or drugs. It is out of control because of anger - how much worst does Justice Hugh Fraser think it can get?

Speeding is OK in a Lamborghini
The police car could not keep up with him and still Magistrate Michael Wheeler let this hoon off. This Magistrate does not deserve to hold his job. His self-confessed enjoyment of fast cars has clearly corrupted his sense of values. In the hall of shame you can see the Ferrari driver whose speeding has reduced his victim to learning to walk again. You can read of the child that is now dead through the out of control hooning of someone else. Magistrate Michael Wheeler has allowed this to happen again. The police car could not keep up remember. When this particular speeder kills someone, let Magistrate Michael Wheeler feel responsible.

Baby Basher Free!
It sounds like a funny advert in a comic. But it is possibly one of the saddest examples of Australian Justice's Hall of Shame. With prior convictions for assault, this monster is walking the streets. Magistrate Franz Holzer seems more interested in the amount of alcohol the poor child's mother drank than the fact that, at 18 months, it was battered and bruised by Patrick Baskin.

Magistrate Franz Holzer condemned the actions of Baskin but also took a swipe at the child's mother.

"I'm frankly staggered by the amount of alcohol consumed by Mr Baskin and Ms Quarrell," he said.

"It's a sad indictment on our society that the only way people can enjoy themselves on a night out is by getting smashed.

It is a much sadder indictment on our Justice system that people like this are allowed to make such inexplicable decisions without question or accountability. Why is this creature allowed out to get drunk and pursue further violence upon others? What exactly did he have to do to the baby for Magistrate Franz Holzer to take this seriously?

And so it would appear that killing people and bashing children are all offenses unworthy of significant or responsible action on behalf of our legal system. The Justice Hall of Shame has just grown longer and the people have much more to fear now as they drive to work, rest in their beds or just play in their gardens.

It is past time for the justice system to be open and accountable. This situation grows sicker each day.

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