Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hall of Shame is Set to get BIGGER!

In typical fashion, those who knife, murder and peddle drugs are set to get even less punishment!  According to an item in The Age today:

JUDGES are too harsh on many offenders, according to the state's highest court, which this year ordered that more than 50 criminals should have their sentences cut.

Just take a few minutes to read the Justice Hall of Shame and you'll see why this is a travesty and why Wonko the Sane believes that the Australian Justice system is either corrupt as hell or totally out of touch with reality.  

How can it be anything else when someone who kills a child gets less years in gaol than the child has lived whereas the killer of a convicted gangland killer and drug wholesaler gets 30 years? 

Explain the common sense in that and perhaps the public will stop being up in arms.

If Australian Justices do not want the label of CORRUPT or STUPID then they need to rethink their actions.  If they truly feel that a sentence is justified then perhaps it would be better to explain that justification - because few Australians can see the logic, only that violence and the life-long sentence imposed on victims and their families is unimportant.

And that simply isn't true.