Friday, October 29, 2010

You be the judge - you couldn't do a worse job!

We seriously need to start pushing for Judgment by Jury - since the our current system is absolutely full of holes

First things first - a good - a perfect example in fact - of how our judges are disgusting out of touch and should be sacked.

Daughter Sentenced to Five Years after Mother Dies

AN OVERWHELMED woman allowed her sick mother to wallow in filth until there were maggots in her bedsores and she died. The woman had been suffering from chronic depression and had become overwhelmed at the difficulties involved in caring for her mother, who was described as "difficult and domineering".

It is not as simple as saying she should have brought in a doctor. Older people can be horribly manipulative and controlling and this poor woman was obviously trying to do the best for her mother against terrible odds. Those who have not had the experience of such a relationship (such as inJustice Lyons) have no idea of how difficult it can be to do the 'right' thing. Likewise, anyone who thinks that a 76 year old woman cannot drive you to depression and isolation obviously hasn't had that experience.

This decision is digusting and must be overturned. This poor woman has suffered enough and is suffering enough now - she deserves sympathy not criticism. Clearly she acted against her own wishes but in accordance with her mother's wishes.

She should be freed. End of Story. SIGN THE PETITION NOW

Of course, if you think that this case is an isolated incident, well in addition to previous catalogs of decisions that never cease to astound me, here are some new ones. In my opinion, we'll only ever get a decent legal system when people start having the guts to stand up and demand one.

Come on world, when will you wisen up? If these decisions are reasonable then it is high time the justifications are made public. The fact that they are not may be down to a legal requirement - which just goes to show that the law must be changed.

And just as a parting gesture, people in Australia have probably forgotten that it is actually illegal for the press to photograph MPs asleep in parliament!!!!!! Well, for those who remember that amazingly stupid law, what about this one:

Government Department blocks access to site that keeps track of what MPs say

The world, in the humble opinion of Wonko the Sane, has gone quite, quite mad!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What is the limit to our own stupidity?

Wonko warns you - the whole world could be at risk of insanity.

Paedophile Derek Percy hits grieving mum with $30,000 bill

If the courts permit this atrocity, then the legal system will have descended to a point well below that of the paedophiles that it purports to protect us from.

A mother whose child is gone and under the worst possible circumstances could be faced with paying out her money on behalf of a monster who may (or may not) have killed the child - and worse.

Somewhere, some time, the courts have got to become accountable.

This is the opinion of Wonko the Sane.

Friday, October 1, 2010

At last a treatment for violent criminals - if only we had the guts


Brain injury turns binge drinking lout into perfect man

Of course, years ago serial violent offenders were given a touch of the pre-frontal labotomy which calmed them down no end. It also took away most of their life-force. It was a treatment much frowned on and later abandoned. I assume.

But with the right understanding of the brain, could we not perform humane treatment on violent offenders brains to effect the same result as this news item reports? The transference of a socially unacceptable bully into a model human being? He gets a better life - we get a better life. He is freed from the effects of his violence - we are freed from the effects of his violence. We can create human beings who may then go on to become some of the best people we could know.

Not by becoming vegetables as was the case of the PFL.

But by reconfiguring the violence.

Witness the birth of new artists, scientists, teachers and doctors.
Witness the end of rape, murder, assault, gang wars and drug dealing.

If only we had the courage to try to HELP people rather than simply punish them.