Friday, October 1, 2010

At last a treatment for violent criminals - if only we had the guts


Brain injury turns binge drinking lout into perfect man

Of course, years ago serial violent offenders were given a touch of the pre-frontal labotomy which calmed them down no end. It also took away most of their life-force. It was a treatment much frowned on and later abandoned. I assume.

But with the right understanding of the brain, could we not perform humane treatment on violent offenders brains to effect the same result as this news item reports? The transference of a socially unacceptable bully into a model human being? He gets a better life - we get a better life. He is freed from the effects of his violence - we are freed from the effects of his violence. We can create human beings who may then go on to become some of the best people we could know.

Not by becoming vegetables as was the case of the PFL.

But by reconfiguring the violence.

Witness the birth of new artists, scientists, teachers and doctors.
Witness the end of rape, murder, assault, gang wars and drug dealing.

If only we had the courage to try to HELP people rather than simply punish them.

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