Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hall of Shame is Set to get BIGGER!

In typical fashion, those who knife, murder and peddle drugs are set to get even less punishment!  According to an item in The Age today:

JUDGES are too harsh on many offenders, according to the state's highest court, which this year ordered that more than 50 criminals should have their sentences cut.

Just take a few minutes to read the Justice Hall of Shame and you'll see why this is a travesty and why Wonko the Sane believes that the Australian Justice system is either corrupt as hell or totally out of touch with reality.  

How can it be anything else when someone who kills a child gets less years in gaol than the child has lived whereas the killer of a convicted gangland killer and drug wholesaler gets 30 years? 

Explain the common sense in that and perhaps the public will stop being up in arms.

If Australian Justices do not want the label of CORRUPT or STUPID then they need to rethink their actions.  If they truly feel that a sentence is justified then perhaps it would be better to explain that justification - because few Australians can see the logic, only that violence and the life-long sentence imposed on victims and their families is unimportant.

And that simply isn't true.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Since she has either disabled online submission OR most of Australia is appalled at her lack of ethics or morals and are bringing the site down OR Senator Conroy has been meddling again, here is the letter I TRIED to send her...
Refusing to allow a conscience vote on live animal exports reveals you to be a compassionless and ruthless dictator and I will rejoice when the compassionate society that you evidently despise unite at election time to remove you from a job you are clearly unsuited for.

And while I normally have grown in fifty years to assume that the term 'Honourable' which is applied to elected government officials is one largely sarcastic in nature, it seems clear to me that in your case this is very true indeed. You can introduce carbon taxes, you can fiddle about with this or that - we, as Australians, do not have to agree with decisions such as these because frankly, they are decisions based on a certain amount of rationale and logic. But by withholding the right to cross the floor on an issue which is ethical you are being UN ethical and are no longer fit to be a Prime Minister of Australia.

Please note that I am hardly alone in this opinion. Be sure that come the day, most Australians will remember and ensure that you go. Pity you'll get pay for life - if I was a Prime Minister I'd stop that damn quick. But at least the majority of Australians who believe in FREEDOM OF CHOICE and who are appalled less at the animal export issue as to the fact that you wield your power of office over people on moral and ethical issues will get their chance and you will NOT see a second term.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Big News - Our Justice System Got It Right (for once)

No Jail Time For Obsessive-Compulsive women who left maggot infested mother to die on kitchen floor

Naturally, the press headlines are clear about the case but fortunately, and quite out of keeping with our normal run of the mill justice system, Justice Paul Coghlan has got it right.

Carers have it tough and in many cases they can be the victims of life-long manipulation and control and, yes, training, by those that they end up caring for.

It is not as simple as saying 'they should have done the right thing' because after a lifetime in a relationship that bonds far tighter and more restrictive than even marriage, the 'right thing' can be impossible.

Naturally, the mother should not have been left to die on the floor.
Naturally, she should not have been 'maggot infested'.

But things are rarely that simple.

Of all those surveyed recently, Carers have the lowest self-esteem, the highest levels of stress and the worst health. Many are chronically depressed, almost all are isolated.

And in 2003 there were 2.7 million carers but less than 300,000 received Centrelink benefits which means the rest (2.4 million!) were doing it the hard way.

So when these isolated, depressed and physically and emotionally exhausted people do not respond like you or I do, they do not need jail. They need support.

Do you work weekends? Carers do.
Are you on call 24 hours a day? Carers are.
Do you have annual leave? Carers don't.
Do you have long service leave? Carers don't.
Do you have Public Holidays? CARERS DON'T.

Carer's don't even have superannuation.

In this one case, justice has prevailed.

For another carer, Agnieszka Miller, justice has been denied. As has compassion. As has understanding.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boycott United Arab Emirates!

While every country is entitled to their own laws, they are also responsible to ensure that such laws are just. This is not the case in the United Arab Emirates. There, a woman can be forced to have sex - it's called rape in more advanced countries - and then sent to prison because she did.

Please acquaint yourself with the case of Alicia Gali. She is the victim of rape but due to the justice system in that county she is the one who was sent to prison for eight months because "it is illegal in the UAE to have sex outside marriage".

This situation is disgusting - not because she is an Australian who have been assaulted and violated which is bad enough, but because the practice of rape in that country evidently has no legal precedent.

Until changes are made to protect the rights of women it should be every Australian's duty to boycott the United Arab Emirates, Starwood Hotels and any other business associated with this criminal justice system.

Wonko will not suffer any connection with UAE until justice is done. That is the opinion of Wonko the Sane.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonko Regains His Voice!

Wonko apologizes for the break in transmission. He has been dealing with a family death which had to take priority.

But the voice is back. Wonko, the voice of sanity in an insane world.

All the world now knows Polar bear Knut found dead at Berlin Zoo. The world mourns for Knut. This animal captured the hearts of millions.

Unfortunately though, while the world mourns for one polar bear, twenty-two THOUSAND children are dying every single day but the world does not mourn for them. That's one DEAD little girl or boy every four seconds... and their DEATHS are PREVENTABLE. Why not spend the time it takes for 15 children to die looking at the UNICEF website and see what you can do?

On a lighter note, it appears that some councils in Australia run hard-rubbish collections. These are where people can put unwanted items on the nature-strip for collection by authorized collectors. Note the word 'authorized'! Trevor Flood discovered to his horror that some councils actually claim to own goods left on the nature-strip and he was arrested for taking away an unwanted vacuum cleaner! Fortunately the location in this case actually don't have this stupid and unreasonable by-law and he was freed.

Quite apart from the service that people such as Trevor do in re-using rather than recycling or even discarding rubbish, there is a bigger issue at stake. I won't tell you what it is, but you might like to take care the next time you park your car on the nature-strip!

And finally, for this time, there is a long-term concern of Wonko with respect to Australia. It is the foreign ownership of what used to be Australian resources. For years Wonko has been warning fellow Australians of the buy-out of primary industries. We have lost most of our manufacturing; we have lost much of our intellectual services (call centres, I.T. support & development) - even tourism is gradually falling into the hands of foreign ownership. But the biggest most dangerous risk was and still is - primary industries.

Finally someone is recognising the problem of our Foreign land buys go(ing) unchecked in Australia. As the article says (if you click the link) .... "NO ONE knows how much of Australia's farmland is owned by foreigners".

Is that really a problem?

There are three reasons why it is a significant problem.

1. The Australian economy cannot survive with no service industries, no manufacturing industries and no primary industries. Where do you think the money will come from?

2. With foreign ownership will come more automation and (where labour is required) foreign labour. Anything that can be done outside Australia will leave our shores. Where do we expect employment to exist?

3. Access to produce will be restricted. Because of the foreign ownership, the best quality produce will be exported at low cost - we will get what's left and then be forced to pay through the nose for it.

Think about it Australia!

This is the opinion of Wonko the Sane.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

And the Madness Continues...

Well, Wonko has been in recess for a few weeks - not relaxing unfortunately, but strewn with family issues. So, to start the year off on a positive note, how about a few items where some sort of justice does seem to have reigned:

Unfortunately, it is not all good news. For example, a drunk driver who raped a ten year old girl is living a free life in the community. True, he has been ordered to pay her $18.750 in compensation but I ask you, what sort of compensation is that to a girl of ten who was raped by a drunk driving round the streets? Judge Ian Dearden obviously thinks that this is acceptable. WONKO THE SANE DOES NOT. Read more...

Then, there is Victoria's Supreme Court which thinks it is better and fairer for pensioner Jean Priest who is 72 and the mother of murdered girl Linda Stilwell to pay for Derek Percy, convicted child murderer's court costs when he refused to give evidence. How much does the Victorian Supreme Court want from the victims of crime? Is it not enough that she lost her daughter? Is it not enough that this her daughter lies dead without justice? The Victorian Supreme Court is an abhorrence to all those who look to it for justice. How would you feel if it were your daughter? Read more...

Then there is the case of the abused wife who's payout was cut because Judge Richard Jones thinks that a history of abuse lessens the impact. If I cut Judge Richard Jones' fingers off one by one, would he consider the last one of no matter? Would he adopt this same strange, selfish and un-insightful attitude? I doubt it. Judge Richard Jones is not fit to be a judge. Like so many of our Judges and Justices, he should be sacked. THAT is the OPINION of WONKO THE SANE. Read more...

And probably worst of all, while all of Australia should be up in arms about the sad case of Agnieszka Miller - and why aren't you????? - it is all going to happen again to another woman. While the press delight in headlines such as Woman left gangrenous mother to die, the real story is often one spanning years and involving manipulation and relationship control that Australian Judges and Justices have no understanding of. Mary Pyrczak is yet another carer who has been failed by the system and is now likely to be further punished. Australia is becoming internationally known as the UN-CARING COUNTRY - not because of it's carers who are dedicated and who give up their own lives for the good of those that they care for, but because our support systems and ultimately Justice systems continuously and reliably fail them. With almost three million carers in Australia and an increasingly aged population, one of you reading this will end up in jail because you our so-called caring government actually cares nothing for carers and our legal system is too wrapped up in Martinis, champagne, Mercedes cars and basically using the powers that should be reserved for justice to punish those who are most vulnerable. So isn't it time you did something about it?