Thursday, March 26, 2015

Justice system betrayed Jill Meagher as failures let Adrian Bayley wander the streets

Our justice system is continually failing the victims of crimes.  The Justice Hall of Shame to the left is LONG (but out of date).  

Jill Meagher is dead - she might well have been alive if not for our perverted, corrupt justice system.  Her killer raped approximately 24 women before killing her.  TWENTY FOUR.  TWO DOZEN.

How's this for a catalog of stupidity:

  • Despite convictions for eight victims - INCLUDING MINORS - NOT put on Sex Offenders Register
  • DNA lost after he confessed to raping sex workers.  Did they send it by Australia Post?
  • Prison psychologists too dumb to see through his fakery
  • Breaching parole conditions
  • Breaking the jaw of a Geelong man
He was allowed to rape and kill.  Simple as that.

I could go on but I won't.  If you need to know more, read this article.

As usual out justice system is a joke.  Only it's not funny.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

So women who desire a career in the medical profession should accept sexual abuse?

That's the message that one surgeon is giving - and as bad as that may seem, it's worse when you find out that she is a woman.  I call that betrayal.

Sexual abuse is never acceptable.  Never.   If it goes unreported then the victim will never see justice but - even worse - the culprit will continue their abuse of the victim, and others - and will likely expand the level of abuse.


There needs to be protection against reprisal.
There needs to be transparency in these matters.
There needs to be a learning and working environment where people are treated fairly, with dignity and equality.

Women (or indeed men) should never be told to 'suck it up' - my words. 

Dr Gabrielle McMullin, your advise is a disgrace to your profession and your sex.

Read the news item here:

Surgeon blows whistle

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Time has passed - but the stupidity lingers.

She has been found guilty of manslaughter - and received a 2 year suspended sentence.   And yet, "Justice Hoeben said that the mother-of-one believed her “act was necessary” to defend herself and her family."

If she believed it was necessary then why the suspended sentence?

How many times have we read of those on bail who go on to kill?  How many times have we read of the victims of violence and tut-tutted about it.  Well here's a case where the victim didn't die - not because our so-called justice system saved her but because she was forced to fight for her self and her family.  Instead of applauding this outcome, our so-called justice system punishes her for it - with a suspended sentence.

Read all about it :