Sunday, March 8, 2015

So women who desire a career in the medical profession should accept sexual abuse?

That's the message that one surgeon is giving - and as bad as that may seem, it's worse when you find out that she is a woman.  I call that betrayal.

Sexual abuse is never acceptable.  Never.   If it goes unreported then the victim will never see justice but - even worse - the culprit will continue their abuse of the victim, and others - and will likely expand the level of abuse.


There needs to be protection against reprisal.
There needs to be transparency in these matters.
There needs to be a learning and working environment where people are treated fairly, with dignity and equality.

Women (or indeed men) should never be told to 'suck it up' - my words. 

Dr Gabrielle McMullin, your advise is a disgrace to your profession and your sex.

Read the news item here:

Surgeon blows whistle

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