Saturday, November 20, 2010

And the UN-JUSTICE continues ...

Wonko is thinking that he might need to start up a special blog, just to cover the ludicrous, irresponsible and down-right appalling decisions made by Australia's so-called 'Justice System'.

Here are a few new examples of why our justice system needs to be totally overhauled and made more accountable:

Killer driver walks free.
A KILLER driver on parole for the culpable driving death of 16-year-old Tamika Moyle walked free after facing court yesterday on new driving charges.

Michael James Chambers, 23, of Cloverdale Court, Corio, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates' Court to driving while disqualified, driving an unregistered motorbike and not wearing a helmet.

He received one month's jail suspended for two years and a $500 fine.

Chambers outraged Geelong in 2005 when, drunk and stoned, he smashed his unregistered car into a pole at high speed on La Trobe Tce.

Ms Moyle was fatally injured in the crash and another female passenger was seriously hurt.

Chambers, who has priors for recklessly causing injury, unlicensed driving, speeding and carrying a prohibited weapon, pleaded guilty in 2006 to culpable driving and recklessly causing serious injury.
How many people have to die before our legal system takes these things seriously?

Increased Prison Sentence for Serious Repeat Offender Machete Attack Not Warranted
"Your prospects of rehabilitation at the present time do not appear to be all that good," Judge Tilmouth said.

"The escalating nature of the violence you are prepared to inflect on innocent citizens by using dangerous weapons, has grown to a point that it is appropriate to declare that you are a serious repeat offender."

But, Judge Tilmouth said he was "far from satisfied" an increased prison term was justified to protect the community from Saunders.

Instead, he said Saunders would be subject to strict conditions while on parole.

Jude Tilmouth described the NorMetals attack as "brutal, callous, violent and unnecessary".

He said the men had feared for their lives, suffered painful and serious injuries.

Saunders had threatened he would "chop" the head off one of the men.

Perhaps is Judge Tilmouth's son had been one of those sliced open by a machete, things would have been different.

Road Rage Killer's Sentence CUT
"While this was a very bad example of the offence ... it did not have those additional features such as evasion of the police, disregard of a police direction, or considered persistence in highly dangerous driving over a long period and distance, which would have put this into the worst category of dangerous driving or criminal negligence," Justice Hugh Fraser said.
I would have thought that running away from the police was a negligible crime compared with killing someone. Road rage is not some freak accident or even being out of control through drink or drugs. It is out of control because of anger - how much worst does Justice Hugh Fraser think it can get?

Speeding is OK in a Lamborghini
The police car could not keep up with him and still Magistrate Michael Wheeler let this hoon off. This Magistrate does not deserve to hold his job. His self-confessed enjoyment of fast cars has clearly corrupted his sense of values. In the hall of shame you can see the Ferrari driver whose speeding has reduced his victim to learning to walk again. You can read of the child that is now dead through the out of control hooning of someone else. Magistrate Michael Wheeler has allowed this to happen again. The police car could not keep up remember. When this particular speeder kills someone, let Magistrate Michael Wheeler feel responsible.

Baby Basher Free!
It sounds like a funny advert in a comic. But it is possibly one of the saddest examples of Australian Justice's Hall of Shame. With prior convictions for assault, this monster is walking the streets. Magistrate Franz Holzer seems more interested in the amount of alcohol the poor child's mother drank than the fact that, at 18 months, it was battered and bruised by Patrick Baskin.

Magistrate Franz Holzer condemned the actions of Baskin but also took a swipe at the child's mother.

"I'm frankly staggered by the amount of alcohol consumed by Mr Baskin and Ms Quarrell," he said.

"It's a sad indictment on our society that the only way people can enjoy themselves on a night out is by getting smashed.

It is a much sadder indictment on our Justice system that people like this are allowed to make such inexplicable decisions without question or accountability. Why is this creature allowed out to get drunk and pursue further violence upon others? What exactly did he have to do to the baby for Magistrate Franz Holzer to take this seriously?

And so it would appear that killing people and bashing children are all offenses unworthy of significant or responsible action on behalf of our legal system. The Justice Hall of Shame has just grown longer and the people have much more to fear now as they drive to work, rest in their beds or just play in their gardens.

It is past time for the justice system to be open and accountable. This situation grows sicker each day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Incredible - and Unaccountable - Decisions Courtesy of Our 'Justice' System

Quite apart from the callous and cruel treatment of Agnieszka Miller and Wonko's previous examples of what can only be called disgusting sentencing, this week has some additional examples on offer.

Firstly, there's the case of the drug-driver who killed in a nurse while joyriding.

This is not just one life - think how many people that nurse might have saved.

Rhonda Negal was off to celebrate her sister's 50th birthday but instead she ended up lying in the gutter. And then on a mortuary slab.

The man who did this will spend five years in jail and then emerge free.

Judge Freeman sentenced the now 25-year-old Totten to serve at least four years and 10 months in prison, taking into account that he fled the crash scene without offering assistance.

"I should say, finally, there is no doubt that the injury, emotional harm, loss or damage caused by the offence was substantial," Judge Freeman said.

"It is clear that the community as a whole suffered a loss with the death of this vibrant and valuable woman in the prime of her life."

Judge Freeman further acknowledged that a plaque recognising the efforts of Ms Negal had been placed in the emergency department of Royal North Shore Hospital, where she worked for almost 30 years.

Despite that Judge Freeman (an appropriate name for a judge given recent events!) still only chose to sentence this killer who has a criminal history of violence and weapons offences to less than five years jail.

Of course, this is not an isolated case of Australian 'justice'.

Magistrate Peter Mellas evidently thinks that driving at speeds of up to 150km/h in a 70km/h zone and smashing into a 60 year old man causing such injuries that he needs to learn to walk again, is a 'solid citizen'.

Police prosecutor Leading Sen-Constable Angela Coulson called on magistrate Peter Mellas to jail Cassar, but the magistrate let the Altona Meadows man walk free.

We are continuously bombarded with warnings about speed yet this particular Magistrate - PETER MELLAS - obviously doesn't watch the TV or read the papers or listen to the radio or - presumably - drive with his eyes open.

Speeders who travel at over DOUBLE the speed limit are 'solid citizens'.

Here lies madness.

Then, there is the treatment of drunk, unlicenced driver Gary Edward Ryan who felt that spinning tyres and showing off was something he might remember in his old age. Hopefully he will because he killed six year old Bangoang Tut as he played in his own front yard. That six year old will never grow up. That six year old will never have his own family. That six year old has had an entire future stolen from him.

Judge Liz Gaynor sentenced this killer to 8 years, but evidently feels that a six year old's life is only worth a year for every year he has lived because Gary Edward Ryan is eligible for parole in SIX years. He'll have spent one year in for every year that Bangoang has lived.

Had he not been killed in his front garden he may well have lived another 74 years. That Judge Liz, is how long this killer should have been sent to prison.

But wait - there's more!

Another case where you can bash people without being punished - I refer you to Judge Meryl Sexton's ludicrous decision to reject prosecution arguments that Comensoli (assaulter and beater) should be sent to an adult jail and instead ordered he be detained in a youth justice centre for three years. During which time he can be set free.

The victim of this callous and unprovoked attack which saw him beaten into unconsciousness now suffers nightmares and is afraid to go out at night or use public transport.

"The effects of your attack have been felt not just by him, but by his friends, who are foreign students and his family in India," Judge Sexton said.

But despite this we have another case where the criminal is essentially set free.

People have been killed - sometimes children - others beaten and their lives ruined and you can see from the above the treatment that these violent criminals receive. They are treated as though they are the sons of gods.

It's not as if our sentencing were consistently lax. That would show that these judges and justices were only 'too soft'. But that isn't the case.

Take the case of the He suffered nightmares, was afraid to go out at night or use public transport and moved house twice.

"The effects of your attack have been felt not just by him, but by his friends, who are foreign students and his family in India," Judge Sexton said.
A serial burglar was in a "drug-induced stupor" when he photographed his penis with mobile phones he stole and sent the images to the owners' contacts, a court has been told.

Shane Anthony Willis, 33, has been jailed for a minimum four-and-a-half years for a string of burglaries in inner Melbourne and regional Victoria between January and April this year.

A minimum of four and a half years for burglary YET by the above standards:

* If he'd beaten one of his victims to unconsciousness, he'd be allowed free.
* If he'd killed one of his victims, he'd go to jail for a couple of years

In Wonko's opinion, we really do need accountability when these people (yes, people because that's all Justices and Judges and Magistrates are) make their decisions.