Monday, September 13, 2010


Here we go again. It's never ending.

Now, a victim impact statement can be doctored by a judge.

The victim impact statement is a STATEMENT OF IMPACT BY A VICTIM. It's quite simple. It is not a JUDGES IMPACT STATEMENT. It is a VICTIMS impact statement.

Why are the judges in this God Forsaken country allowed to screw the lives of victims as much or MORE than the criminals??????


This is absolutely disgusting. Australian judges should hang their heads in shame.

This is the opinion of Wonko.

I only hope that they reap the injustices that they are sowing - e.g. Judge lets off drink driver, gets hit by him 11 years later

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Deshi said...

If there are things that a victim is not allowed to say, and I suppose there are (such as "I would really like to kill you, you chintzy mother fucker!"), then there should be somebody whose job it is to guide them in the process. Someone to sit down with them and say "This cannot be said, because .." so let's think of a way to put those same feelings down on paper in a way where they can be expressed in a court of law.

I don't think the judge is at fault, if the statement really did violate the law. The Judge should uphold the law, even if the law itself sucks.

The law either needs to be changed, or, if it is valid, then since it is a law, someone should be there to help the victim follow it.

They should not be expected to know it, and how to navigate through it, while writing down their feelings, without help!