Friday, June 18, 2010

Would you care if it were your child?

A child died today. Not from an accident or some genetic illness. It wasn't even murder. But from starvation.

24000 will die today. That's about sixteen tiny hearts that will stop every minute.

If it were your child, would you care?

Yet Nicole Richie can be paid $300,000 for the 'critical' world service of cutting ribbons.

No, she is not to blame - not for being paid. But what she does with the money - that's down to her and if she makes the decision to spend on herself rather than the 16 tiny children that have died in the space of reading this piece, well then she is responsible for that.

But the people who paid her that much money are in the opinion of Wonko the Sane guilty of something. Murder? No, not murder. At the moment, the non-saving of a human life is not considered murder.

But they are guilty. Yes, they are guilty.

Because they are part of the world where the tiny are left to die while the rich (and that's you and me by the way) sit back in comfort, safe in the knowledge that those children don't matter because we don't know them.

Only they do matter.

Just imagine if one of them was yours.

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