Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ex Prime Minister sucks up the luxury while others suffer

Plenty of things to aggravate wonko this week - You can beat someone up and blind them in Australia - it's ACCEPTABLE. Not because Australians agree with it but because we have a sick legal system. But if you think that's an isolated incident, consider the case of the attempted wife killing which, again, seems to be OK because, to quote Justice Lyons, in sentencing this person to a horrifyingly SHORT sentence, said: "It is clear you have no criminal history and that you are of otherwise good character." Good job he didn't cheat on his taxes!

But the biggest and most sickening thing was the news that Australia's EX Prime Minister will receive $600,000 a year - for life.

This is absolutely scandalous, because there are thousands and thousands of carers out there who provide their care to their disabled children, sick partners or frail aged parents twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long for a massive carer payout of $1.73 per hour. They are in ill-health, have low-self esteem, depression and are conveniently ignored by a government that happily pays out $600,000 to an EX Prime Minister.

The worst of it is that UNLIKE THIS PRIME MINISTER, they have no future. They have no superannuation because carers cannot invest in superannuation funds. While they are living a nightmare and - through their care for others - they are also destroying their own future while Australia ignores them and hands out $600,000 per year for LIFE to politicians who have already been well paid.

Now that is disgusting.

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