Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little sanity - at last.

I can hardly believe my eyes! But I have re-read the item several times. Sanity, it seems, still exists - albeit spread a little thin.

The item in question is:

Out of touch and not very bright: Frank Vincent's verdict on judges

Please read the article but here's a couple of teaser lines:

SOME judges were intellectually or temperamentally unsuited to the job, according to one of Australia's most respected legal minds.

Retired Supreme Court judge Frank Vincent said some of his former colleagues stayed too long in the job and had become "sour".

Others, he said, "suddenly decide they're infallible and don't want to listen because they know it all".

Time and again judges make the most appalling decisions and the world is left reeling - consider the following Wonko-bite for example:

* Unlawful Killing

There are many examples of murders being freed or assault victims watching their attackers walk away free or thugs being freed after serving half their sentence.

It is well past time that judges were given a good servicing and some common sense introduced. At the end of the day, if seemingly unfair decisions are the right ones then the reasons for that should be made public.

Wonko has spoken.

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