Friday, July 9, 2010

I elect to ditch the censor.

Australia, wake up.

It's quite simple.

If Senator Conroy's Internet Censorship is not made into an election issue then you will lose the freedom of information that you currently enjoy.

Voting out Labour will not change anything.

The internet censor is good for whichever government is in power, because it allows them to control the information you gain access to. Anything they don't want you to know - you will be banned from. Think about it.

Just voting Labour out will not change this because the Liberal Party would benefit from the same level of government control over accessible information. So they will implement the filter just as Labour will.

The only way to ensure that the filter goes down the drain is to make it clear that it is political suicide. That is Australia's only hope for the future.

Unless the filter IS turned into an election issue then whoever is elected at the next election (Labour OR Liberal) will implement it without fear. BUT if it is the basis of their manifesto that they will NOT implement it - then there is hope.

So please, understand this: whoever is in power wont matter - they will still switch on the filter and switch off everything they don't want you to know. UNLESS they gain office on the basis of discarding the filter.

Australia, it's your choice.

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