Friday, July 23, 2010

Is this the technology future you want?

I've said it before and I'll say it again - until the deciding factor happens. Not sure what I'm talking about?

I'm talking about the Conroy Filter and this Government's commitment to the destruction of your civil liberty. Wow!

Let me just once more say it. This Internet Filter - the Conroy Cow - MUST be turned into an election issue. It is not good enough just to vote LABOUR OUT! The internet filter will be used by any Government in Power to restrict access to information. Anything that the government doesn't want you to know will be restricted. Forget freedom of information. IT WILL NOT EXIST.

The LIBS will support the Conroy Cow if they are elected - because THEY also would like to stop you reading about their own particular deficiencies. It doesn't matter who is in power, the filter will be used to stop you knowing the things you need to.

The only way that the filter can be stopped is by turning it into an election issue. Make sure that the LIBERALs gain control and that the only reason they do is their determination to KILL CONROYS COW.

If it becomes an election issue, then Wonko will no longer need to pass his (common sense) judgement on it. If LABOUR retakes government then Wonko will no longer need to pass his judgement because - like all voices of truth - he will be censored.

Do you really need proof? Really?

Then spend just a few moments examining the PLAN TO SPY ON YOUR INTERNET USAGE.

Those accessing child pornography deserve to be caught. But when they have censored 90% of the plan itself - that should tell you that there is more at stake here than the netting (sic) of online pedophiles.

Fixing the - apparently increasing number of - pedophiles is definitely something the governments should be working on. A good start might be mandatory castration for repeat offenders. Harsh? Perhaps. But it makes more sense than introducing censorship that anyone with a SSL (secure sockets layer) connection to a weekly varying IP address can get around.

So if you really think the censorship idea is right, despite the fact that there is no accountability with respect to the sites that will be blocked, spend just a few moments looking at the black lines through all the stuff that the government has censored already.

THEN make sure you let your local pollie know - it's LABOUR out BECAUSE of the CENSOR!

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