Thursday, January 7, 2010

So this is the new decade ...

So what's in the news?

Japan, home of cutsey-cutesy animation and whale-slaughtering, finds a new sport in sinking other countries vessels

Rage born of the Road kills the Unborn of a Woman

KFC, one of the worlds leaders in chicken deaths, plays chicken when it comes to racist advertising

Playboy Barbie Recycled

It's a nightmare.

The world still doesn't see the connection between it's mistreatment of animals and it's mistreatment of people.

The screams of ego and dominance yet again result in the loss of the life of the most vulnerable.

And the artificial world of beauty that 99.999% of women are excluded from - due to being normal - takes another victim.

It's 2010. And this is the end of the first week.

Will we never learn?

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