Friday, March 26, 2010

Beware - As you leave this site you are entering the Asylum

If I didn't already know, then today I would have most certainly been made aware of it.

The world has gone mad.

Man's best friend (next to dog) has become his greatest enemy - bringing new meaning to the old expression 'tits up'. Breast implant bombs new terror device.

Then, there's the case of the scanner guy who is in danger of getting sued for allegedly looking a little too appreciatively at a set of the (apparently potentially deadly) baubles. If she had been a terrorist, would he have been a hero rather than a villain?

On a different tact (though possibly not unrelated to breast feeding) there's the announcement that some women are born bad mums. Interesting concept. It suggests that mothers might actually be human. Are we ready for such a thing? Does that mean that some fathers might be born bad fathers? And if so, have they told this guy yet?

Perhaps 'born to be bad' is rather an excuse.....

Then, of course, it's not always reasonable to blame the parents anyway. No doubt these obnoxious little yobs will claim a 'bad childhood' later on in life after they have murdered, bullied and raped their way through to the adult courts.

Sigh. The world really has gone mad.

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