Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sick Australia

I am sorry to say that I am rapidly become disenchanted with Australia.

But it's not the people, per say, and definitely not the country. It's the government - which includes the bureaucratic thieves and other criminals who treat Australians with contempt.

Consider then, the case of Rebecca Doig and her family.

She has early onset dementia. I am not going to go into the details - read the above link.

What I will say is that Australia is failing these people as I personally know it has failed many others. Pensioners live in their own faeces because those with the power to change it sit back on their fat behinds picking their noses with one hundred dollar bills that they have 'earnt' in their so-called social security jobs.

People are run into the ground caring for others - and receive nothing for it. I saw a wonderful t-shirt the other day. It summed the situation up beautifully.

  • No Overtime
  • No Public Holidays
  • No Annual Leave
  • No Long Service Leave
  • No Superannuation
  • Hours - 24x7
  • $1.73 per hour

    The biggest rub of these is the 'No Superannuation'. Not only do carers lose their present - they lose their future as well. And our government doesn't give a damn.

    And Rebecca Doig doesn't even get a pension.

    I curse them all for lining their own pockets while letting those in need suffer.

    It is the Sick Australia.

    And if you don't like it - then start lobbying Centrelink, as a starting point, for change.
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