Saturday, May 1, 2010

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Global Warning and All That Jazz

Many people in the world are beginning to stress out about the number of earthquakes, volcanic activity and of course global warming. Counter balancing them are those who argue that there is no global warming and if there is then it is just a naturally cyclic event anyway, and definitely the number of earthquakes and eruptions is not unusual - just better reported.

Both sides of this argument have merit but I am not about to take sides.

My point is rather that we should be taking note of all of these events as a reminder that we are all residents of a living planet. It is not just a bunch of dirt that we can abuse to fulfill our own greedy materialistic desires. It is a fragile ecology that runs delicately and with its own rules.

The planet, in short, can not be taken for granted. Whether or not there are more earthquakes or volcanoes erupting is less important than recognizing that they are a normal and unavoidable part of a living planet that can shudder and shake without our help. Whether or not global warming is cyclic or not, as a general rule the human race pollutes the atmosphere and the earth with all manner of poisons and chemicals - all of which may hasten or hinder the normal operation of earths finely balanced ecosystem.

This is not a lump of rock to be used and abused, a resource to be exploited - it is our home and the only home we are likely to have in the foreseeable future. This is the great message of the Volcanoes, of the earthquakes, of the tsunamis. It is not some religious threat. It is simple fact.

Or to quote King Henry :

Never Spit On Your Own Doorstep

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