Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why HUMAN has no E

What is Wonko on about now I hear you ask. Why does 'human' have no 'e'? Is he on drugs?

No, but he'd feel better if he was.

The words 'human' and 'humane' seem remarkably similar, at first view. But there is in fact a world of difference - and I don't just mean the spelling.

It is the HUMAN that is responsible for this monstrosity - Spanish Bull Cloned

Spain, in it's infinite HUMAN-ness (which is unrelated to HUMANE) have cloned a particularly fierce bull so that bull-fighting may perpetuate it's own variety of horrendous blood spilling.

All Spanish people should be ashamed at this absolute mis-use of science.

Bullfighting is the barbaric throwback to the stupid in charge of the cowardly. The torturous killing of a bull under the auspices of 'sport' belongs in the sorry history of a country proudly aiming for HUMANE rather than HUMAN.

Spain, however, prefers the word without the 'e'.

Plenty of people in Spain abhor this spectacle of cruelty. But plenty, it would seem, still relish in it. Like cannibals slicking their lips at the thought of eating their enemies sexual organs, they perpetuate this violence.

There is a big difference between HUMAN and HUMANE. And the E stands for ESPAƑOLES - and that is the difference between human and humane. Take away the 'e' and give it to the Spanish.

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