Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flesh, Smoke and Green Cheese

Life is certainly full of surprises.

Firstly was the discovery that someone thinks flesh is not meat.

For years Pamela Anderson has marketed her flesh without objection (mostly) but when someone dares to draw the similarities between a human and an animal (grown for meat) then there is suddenly a hue and outcry.

Let's be clear about this. We are all made of flesh and bone. Intellectually, pigs are smarter than dogs, and very probably smarter than politicians too. Regardless of whether or not you, the reader, is smarter than a cow, you share many similarities including the desire to live without pain.

What's at stake with this example of human stupidity is not the treatment of an actress as a 'piece of meat' - something she has specialized in, just ask any teenage boy - but rather yet another attempt to distract from PETA's clever illustration and legitimize the killing and eating of the creatures we share this planet with. Plain and simple.

Then there's the wonderful example of a supermarket chain who really does want to ease our wallets. Coles are importing cheap cigarettes for us.

Yes, because they love us so much, rather than expecting us to pay the inflated prices that are only there to stop lung cancer and so forth, Coles are intending to provide us with much cheaper carcinogenic puff sticks.

Of course it has to do with their profit margins - not our health. Our health doesn't come into the equation. Cigarettes were a big seller bringing in considerable income so it was only to be expected that they would try to reverse the (unusual) Government decision to save lives by peddling cheap imported products.

Fortunately it has been discovered that there may be holes on the moon. I guess this could be a good place to park the growing number of corpses who die each year from cigarette related cancers.

The Moon is Lunar, the World is Looney.

Wonko has spoken.

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Anonymous said...

Uhm .. that thing about Pamela Anderson is purely crazy. I think her poster makes the point very well.

It is not a point I agree with, as I do not believe that people are animals; but, I do agree that animals, even if you intend to eat them, should be treated with far more respect and dignity than they usually are.