Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Time To SACK Australian Judges

The time has come for all Australian judges to be removed from their jobs. That is the opinion of Wonko the Sane. Sack the lot of them.


Read this shopping list of absurdity and sickening contempt for the victims of crime:
  1. Convicted Sexual Predator (Rapist and attempted child-molester) NOT deported because he likes AFL football - what about the partner he raped and the daughter he tried to rape?
  2. Sentence slashed for Christmas Day rapist - What about the 16yo girl he raped on Christmas Day while he was on parole?
  3. Teen walks free after downloading 200 hardcore child pornography images
  4. Police hand out panic buttons while judge frees dangerous rapist - how would the judge like to live next door to that one?
  5. Jail spared in case crimnal gets bullied - what about his dead girlfriend? What about her parents?
  6. Judge decides juries decision!
  7. Throat Slasher freed with no record and changed identify - but the judge probably knows and looks after their family.
  8. Youths are allowed to blind people - apparently being blinded isn't all that bad according to our judges. They should know - they are obviously blind themselves.
  9. OK to BASH 75yo because too skinny for jail - it's obviously fine to bash old people who are too frail to look after themselves but not to lock up skinny people.
Oh, there are more - lots more. It's time we put a stop to this stupidity. Time that we sacked our judges and restored some kind of law and order in Australia. What, we might wonder, will be the fate of the bastard who sexually attacked this old woman? A kiss on the head and a box of chocolates? And what of the man bashed for glaring at smoking teens? What sort of punishment can he look forward to them getting? A packet of free cigarettes probably. Australian Judges do not deserve to stay in the job when they make decisions such as the list presented here.

Ordinary Australians, the aged, the children - they don't deserve it.

It's time our legal system did what it was supposed to do. Past time.

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David M said...

It would be great if there was some justice in the justice system. Starting with a basic recognition that people are by nature not 'good' or tending that way and thus are in need of strict discipline.

Oh and the laws need to be sensible too, but in the cases described... are they trying to condone this behaviour or to put the blame elsewhere (oh, it's not their fault, they have a troubled background, it was the demon 'drink', or whatever other excuse to lay the blame anywhere else but on the criminal).


At least I can be certain of one place where true justice will be applied, and their is only one appeal - and that to the Judge's mercy and only he can grant it.