Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Australia we have the RIGHT TO KILL but not TO DIE...

There are many cases in Australia where human beings can be legally killed. Under the right circumstances, given the appropriate authorities, a human life can be taken. The law has allowed such things to occur without adverse consequence or at least with minimal backlash.

The conditions and requirements of enabling a killing are irrelevant to this post. It is sufficient to know and understand that in Australia - as it is in virtually every other country - one person can willfully take the life of another with the protection of the law.

As long as the person who is to die does not want to die.

For you see, in Australia it is not possible to commit Euthanasia. Even putting an advertisement highlighting the fact that the Australian Government will not discuss euthanasia is not allowed.

You see, we can have laws to govern homicide and lawful killing - so long as the victim stays the victim.

When the victim is someone with a terminal illness and in a state of permanent suffering, that is too hard for the government to deal with. The subject, it says, is closed.

Whether or not Australian's are allowed to terminate their own lives under set and specific circumstances with appropriate controls is something that needs to be determined. But it cannot be determined until our namby-pamby government grows up and faces the issues.

The greens are fighting for territory rights to legalize euthanasia but it's time ALL Australian's were given a say in the matter.

We can legally kill those people who do not want to die.
We can legally euthanize sick pets.
But we turn away and forget those amongst us who suffer ongoing and terminal pain because it is too difficult for us.

Wonko has spoken.

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~~Just Me in T~~ said...

The Australian Federal Government has so far, stood firm in its stance of NO to Euthanasia, but Bob and his bunch of cronies are going to do all they can to see that each State and Territory can decide for itself if it will legalise so called ‘mercy killing' – euthanasia. Who knows what will eventuate now that we have a self professed atheistic Prime Minister.

Whatever happened to the sacredness of human life? Used to be ‘from the womb to the tomb’ life was valued as a gift, to be treated with love and respect. Now it seems if you are old and frail, then you can be ‘terminated’....... with dignity!