Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Since she has either disabled online submission OR most of Australia is appalled at her lack of ethics or morals and are bringing the site down OR Senator Conroy has been meddling again, here is the letter I TRIED to send her...
Refusing to allow a conscience vote on live animal exports reveals you to be a compassionless and ruthless dictator and I will rejoice when the compassionate society that you evidently despise unite at election time to remove you from a job you are clearly unsuited for.

And while I normally have grown in fifty years to assume that the term 'Honourable' which is applied to elected government officials is one largely sarcastic in nature, it seems clear to me that in your case this is very true indeed. You can introduce carbon taxes, you can fiddle about with this or that - we, as Australians, do not have to agree with decisions such as these because frankly, they are decisions based on a certain amount of rationale and logic. But by withholding the right to cross the floor on an issue which is ethical you are being UN ethical and are no longer fit to be a Prime Minister of Australia.

Please note that I am hardly alone in this opinion. Be sure that come the day, most Australians will remember and ensure that you go. Pity you'll get pay for life - if I was a Prime Minister I'd stop that damn quick. But at least the majority of Australians who believe in FREEDOM OF CHOICE and who are appalled less at the animal export issue as to the fact that you wield your power of office over people on moral and ethical issues will get their chance and you will NOT see a second term.

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Michael Moore said...

Nice letter! I would have crossed the floor anyway.

She is in treason to the nation as far as I am concerned.