Monday, April 20, 2009

Sexual Insanity

We live in a truly lunatic age of Sexual Insanity.

Ex Hi-5 Star Kellie Crawford is under extreme criticism for posing for NOT nude pictures in a magazine legally available to children. After ten years in a job the some parents believe they own the girl. Instead of expressing concerns about legalized media available for children that they apparently have some problem with, they are busy complaining about one single artist in the thing.

But the worst of this is the hypocrisy. True a gym teacher is receiving similar criticisms for the same reason, but where were the objections when Emma Watson announced that she'd do nude work? And when Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe did a nude role in a play, where were the streams of abuse?

In 1978, Doctor Who's assistant Jo Grant (in her real-life guise of Katy Manning) posed naked with a Dalek in a magazine called Girl Illustrated. No doubt only Doctor Who fans would remember this and it did not go down in the annals of history as a child-corrupting event.

Lets get something straight.

Or several things.

1. Even twenty years in a job does not mean that you are owned. People have their own life and their own careers.

2. It is the dipiction of the human body as something more than a biological lump of organs and bones and smelly bits that is at fault. It's time to teach our children the difference between naked and sexual - because there is a difference. Even dogs know the difference so it's about time we did. There are sexually provocative pictures in practically every magazine - you cannot change them all, but create well adjusted children and you won't need to.

3. Naked is a state where there are no clothes on. Having clothes on means you are not naked. Near naked is like near pregnant - a ridiculous concept.

4. The world is full of violence and death, starvation, disease, torture and hate. Lets try doing something about that huh?

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