Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Cost of Poverty

Sir Bob Geldof is a very famous campaigner against poverty. Yet it appears that he has been paid AU$100,000 to give a speech about world suffering.

So the Herald-Sun reports.

For $100 I would most happily have travelled to Melbourne, given a more than satisfactory account of poverty and the poor state of the world, and donated the other $99,900 to a number of deserving groups actively working to free the world from this particular scurge.

The remaining hundred dollars? After petrol, I'd invest the rest in the upkeep of a great site called Towards Peace which, in it's own small way, seeks to reduce ills of the world such as war, poverty and intolerance.

$100,000 for a lecture on poverty? And they say that talk is cheap .....


Michael Moore said...

It is called altered importance or misplaced priorities.

Happens a lot around the world.

by Jaja Toff said...

Alas, that's so true. Obviously it's a far cry from being the same but suddenly I recall the pigs from George Orwell's famous book Animal Farm.